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  • 18 Jan, 2024
  • 15:30-17:00 GMT/UTC

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Global Palliative Nursing Network

Our aim through the Global Palliative Nursing Network (GPNN) is to establish a worldwide network to provide peer support and professional development for all nurses working in palliative care – wherever they are.

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Meet Up & Share

These sessions are for you to come and discuss a topical area led by our Champions.

As part of the network you will be emailed the Zoom link to join.

December’s session will be ‘Trauma Informed Care in practice’.

Saturday 2 December 11am-12pm (GMT/UTC)

Spotlight Event

18 January 2024 – 15:30-17:00 GMT/UTC
The therapeutic presence of nurses in the place of suffering 

 Presented by Deborah Holman, Lecturer, St Christopher’s CARE and Leonor Pacheco, Deputy Ward Manager, St Christopher’s

Much of the work in palliative nursing involves accompanying the person as they encounter loss  and suffering. This can be hard and we seek to alleviate suffering wherever we can. However there will be times where our very presence is all that we can offer and often that is all that is needed to enable that person to be seen, to know they will not be abandoned and they matter right to the end of their life. Come and meet Deborah and Leonor, two nurses who have thought deeply on this aspect of nursing. They will share with us stories and strategies on how we can ‘meet the moment’, stay present and care for oneself at such times. 

Deborah Holman

Deborah Holman

Deborah Holman has been working at St Christopher’s since 2002 in clinical practice, in care homes and in education. For 8 years prior to this she worked closely with St Christopher’s…
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Leonor Pacheco

Leonor Pacheco 

Leonor trained in Portugal and is a Deputy Ward Manager on one of St Christopher’s Hospice’s inpatient wards. Leonor also collaborates with St Christopher’s CARE in education and community projects…
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Spotlight Event

11 July 2023 a ‘Watch Again’ recording is available to GPNN members
Re-encountering Trauma at the end of life

Presented by Dr Jo Stubley and Maggie Bisset

Join Maggie and Jo as they share their vast experience and expertise in this area of trauma informed care.

Through the lens of case studies and a short presentation we will discuss the ability to identify and support a dying person and their loved ones re-encountering trauma from a past experience and importantly how to care for oneself and our team as we attend to such suffering.

There will be an hour with the guest speakers then for 20 mins we setting up small groups of five for those of you who would like to stay on and chat about what you learnt or are left thinking about. 

Maggie Bissett

Maggie Bissett

Maggie is a nurse consultant in Camden, Islington, UCLH & HCA Symptom Control & Palliative Care Service. Although beginning her career in Edinburgh working in adolescent and adult cancer care,…
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Jo Stubley

Dr Jo Stubley

Dr Joanne Stubley is a Consultant Medical Psychotherapist at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. She joined the Tavistock Trauma Service in 1998 and has been the lead clinician since…
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Spotlight Event

13 September 2023 – a ‘Watch Again’ recording is available to GPNN members
An Ethical framework for Nursing today

Presented by Mahoganie Hines, facilitated by David Kenneth Wright

Without doubt ethics is an integral part of the day-to-day work of a nurse and can raise real challenges. The most frequently occurring and stressful ethical situations are found to be in relation to protecting patients’ rights, staffing, advanced care planning and decision-making. How clear are you and your team on what informs such decisions?  What shared understanding and framework do you use? Mahoganie will make a compelling argument for the place of an ethical framework for nursing today and share with us her work to bring this into the fore within her practice. 

See here for an introductory video from Mahoganie.

Mahoganie Hines

Mahoganie Hines

Mahoganie volunteers her time to act as the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario’s (RNAO) Policy and Political Action ENO for the Palliative Care Nurse’s Interest Group for the past 5+…
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Spotlight Event

14 November 2023 – a ‘Watch Again’ recording is available to GPNN members
Opportunities to advance nursing through inspiring others to learn and democratising our knowledge

Presented by Alex Daniels, Maaike Vandeweghe and Mark Pedder

Join Alex, Maaike and Mark, three leaders in education who will share with us their expertise and insights into creating a rewarding learning environment in the workplace and online. 

Maaike and Mark will offer us creative ways to really ensure a positive learning experience within any care setting. 

Hear from Alex about the impact the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) is having globally through it’s drive to educate all in the care of children. We will get real insight into how having access to an online platform is offering nurses globally the opportunity to learn together in a flexible, self-directed style. Such an approach is having a real impact. 

Alex Daniels

Alex Daniels

Alex Daniels is an experienced children’s palliative care nurse and educationalist. She has a Masters in Paediatric Palliative Care from the University of Cape Town. Alex has gained rich experiences…
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Maaike Vandeweghe

Maaike Vandeweghe

Head of Professional Learning Programmes and CARE Co-Lead, St Christopher’s CARE Maaike graduated from the KATHO (Roeselare, Belgium) in 2002 as a general and mental health nurse. She started her…
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Mark Pedder

Mark Pedder began his career age 16 in a care home for the elderly. He soon realised the importance of compassionate end of life and, 30 years later, is a…
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Marie Cooper

Marie Cooper

Senior Nursing Advisor Celebrating Palliative Care Nursing. Marie is a nurse with many years’ experience of clinical leadership with an expertise in practice development across a range of care settings. Having…
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Middle aged white woman, smiling to camera with short blond hair

Heather Richardson

Director of Education, Research and End of Life Policy at St Christopher’s Hospice, Honorary Professor in the International Observatory on End of Life Care at Lancaster University and Senior Research…
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Lantern Model

Lantern Model Flower

The Lantern Model is contemporary model of nursing for people dying or bereaved.

The model was developed by Heather Richardson and Marie Cooper, two nurses based at St Christopher’s who have articulated a contemporary model of nursing for  people dying or bereaved. 

The Lantern Model articulates the unique, vital and skilled role of nurses caring for people who are dying or bereaved and, by highlighting their contribution, makes the case for increased investment in their recruitment, development and retention.

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