Rehabilitative Palliative Care: Webinar 1

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Rehabilitative Palliative Care
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What will I learn?

Find out about how and why St Christopher’s has taken a rehabilitative approach to changing its delivery of certain areas of work from a professionally delivered service to a community action initiative.

See how we have managed the development, complexity, challenges and success of setting up a targeted specialist-led group for people living with progressive neurological conditions.

Hear about what this entails, then be tasked with identifying and exploring an area of your own work where you can apply all or some of the elements of this approach.

Who is it for?

This webinar is aimed at anyone working in any setting, who wants rehabilitative palliative care to be an important part of their current and future ethos and service delivery. A basic knowledge of rehabilitative palliative care is assumed.

Gail Preston

Gail Preston

Gail has a wide ranging experience in Physiotherapy, coming to work at St Christopher’s in 2011. She has been involved in all aspects of Rehabilitation at St Christopher’s including developing…
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Mary Hodgson

Mary Hodgson

Head of Community Action & Learning/CARE Co-Lead, St Christopher’s Hospice. Mary is an experienced community facilitator and researcher, and is interested in how people understand societal challenges and want to…
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Learning at St Christopher’s

Why our education programme?

We have a well-established programme of high quality, cutting-edge, specialist palliative care education, designed for those working in the UK and internationally.

Why St Christopher’s?

Education is at the heart of St Christopher’s mission to promote and provide hospice care of the highest standards.

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