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Event overview

  • 09 Oct, 2023
  • 5 days - 9th to 13th October 2023
  • 9am - 5pm
  • £795
  • All prices include VAT
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Useful information

Multi Professional Academy (MPA)

Multi-Professional Academy (MPA) is a five day intensive learning event focused on understanding and preparing attendees to implement rehabilitative palliative care in their settings.

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Potential attendees

This multi professional week seeks to draw in a broad range of individuals who are keen to advance their practice or that of their colleagues to reflect the principles of rehabilitative palliative care.  If you are an allied health professional (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist or dietician), then this will be of interest to you.  In addition, we are keen to draw in social workers, chaplains, nurses and doctors. We also welcome organisational leaders who are interested to develop the values, philosophy of care, facilities and skills of their workforce to take advantage of the benefits offered by Rehabilitative Palliative Care.

In an ideal world teams of two to three individuals from any single organisation or region will attend together. The programme provides ongoing opportunity in the course of the week to establish an action plan for implementation of Rehabilitative Palliative Care.

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There is little doubt that individuals and societies around the world call for greater attention to people’s wellbeing and sense of identity, regardless of their age or how close they are to death. Retaining physical functionality and the opportunity for self-determination is central to an individual’s quality of life and vital to their experiences of dignity, comfort and self-determination. As people live longer with conditions such as frailty, additional effort is required on the part of health and social care professionals and other carers to help people identify what is most important to them and find every opportunity to enable them to achieve these goals as they come towards the end of their life.

We call this Rehabilitative Palliative Care and have been honing this approach at St Christopher’s for nearly a decade. It is not merely the opportunity of allied health professionals. Indeed, it is everyone’s business and its success depends on buy-in and enactment by families and neighbours alongside a broad range of professionals, supported also by organisational recognition and investment.

Details of the programme

We expect participants to attend all five days of the programme. During that time we will be focusing on:

  • Introducing rehabilitative palliative care, its holistic focus and why it is important now
  • Identity and wellbeing within palliative and end of life care – and how we work to address these important notions
  • Person centred goal setting across the multi disciplinary team – how to do it and why
  • Organisational change to support rehabilitative palliative care and its values/philosophy
  • Top tips for leading change to introduce rehabilitative palliative care

In the course of the programme you will have opportunities to see rehabilitative palliative care in practice and how it is integrated into the day to day work of St Christopher’s. We will also provide opportunities for you to talk to colleagues who have led on this work for inpatients and people living at home.

Learning outputs/outcomes

By the end of the course participants can expect to:

  1. Enjoy an in-depth understanding of the concept of rehabilitative palliative care
  2. Appreciate its value in relation to contemporary requirements for palliative care
  3. Understand its application to a variety of people who are approaching the end of life and those supporting them, in a number of different contexts including home, care homes, inpatient units
  4. Realise the value and how rehabilitative palliative care can be adopted in low, middle and high income countries
  5. Integrate intentions to support organisational change alongside practice development related to rehabilitative palliative care
  6. Have generated a detailed action plan to guide implementation in a local setting

The style of learning will be highly interactive. Confidence to learn and contribute in English will be important for participants who are keen to maximise the value of attending.


This course will run between the 9th and 13th October 2023. Sessions focused on elements of rehabilitative palliative care will be available. A celebration of learning, including the funders will take place in the afternoon of the 13th.

We set this date to fit with a global conference that a partner organisation Palliative Care Works runs annually. This year their conference will run on Saturday 14th October in Oxford. Participants attending Multi Professional Academy are warmly invited to attend either in person or virtually. The focus of the conference is around the delivery of palliative care education at an international level. More details about the organisation and its resources are here

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