Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death

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"This course is very applicable to my current practice as a nurse in a care home and can help alleviate anxieties and bring comfort to relatives."

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This hour-long online course, available to download any time, with accompanying written resource, is designed to help all nurses working in any setting, feel more confident performing this task.

According to Hospice UK (2016), delays in verifying deaths have caused unnecessary distress to grieving families.

It is acknowledged that registered nurses ‘want to contribute to the care of the deceased by providing timely verification of expected death’ (Jo Wilson, National Nurse Consultant Group) and that nurses must have received appropriate training and be deemed competent before they undertake this task.

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  • What will I learn?

    • What verification of death means
    • The importance of nurses undertaking this role
    • The professional and legal issues surrounding Nurse Verification of Expected Death and those occasions when nurses must not verify death
    • The process equipment and documentation required
    • The role of the Coroner
    • Communication challenges, heightened by COVID-19
    • Issues related to competence and accountability.

    Please note that this workshop delivers theoretical training only. Delegates will need to be assessed in their workplace by someone able to assess competency in that environment.

  • Who is it for?

    This course is for registered nursing staff that have support to verify expected deaths in their workplace.

  • What will the course look like?

    Verifying death is a critical part of end of life care, recognising that care doesn’t end when the person dies. Without verification, no further action can be taken, including necessary steps like informing relatives and organising the transfer to the mortuary or funeral directors. Delays also cause unnecessary distress to grieving families.

    To meet that demand, we’ve created an interactive online training session suitable for all Registered Nurses along with an accompanying written resource to help Nurses feel more confident about performing this essential task which enables necessary steps like informing relatives and organising the transfer to the mortuary or funeral directors.

    Given the increased pressure on Doctors and additional challenges caused by COVID-19 including absent families, rapid deterioration and lack of familiarity, there’s never been a more important time for Nurses to complete this training. It will also hold them in good stead for the future, relieve pressure on medical services, help people achieve their wishes and prevent unnecessary and stressful delays for families.

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