Nurses as Trailblazers and Pathfinders: Let’s Make Things Happen

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  • 09 Jul, 2024
  • 10.45am to 3pm UTC
    (11.45am to 4pm BST)
  • £20 plus VAT admin fee
  • FREE to nurses in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs)
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Join us for this half-day virtual conference as we showcase the work of nurses working as trailblazers and pioneering pathfinders.

Global Palliative Nursing Network

This event, hosted by The Global Palliative Nursing Network, offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from leaders whose achievements are significant, often against the odds. We will draw on experiences from across the world, including Sudan, Cameroon, India, and Lebanon.

The light we shine on their work reflects on progress to achieve the World Health Assembly call of 2014 for universal effort to make palliative care a component of comprehensive care throughout the life course, and what we can learn from them to address the work outstanding.

This conference is FREE to nurses in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs).

At this event, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Hear first-hand accounts from visionary individuals, gaining insights into their innovative approaches, challenges, and triumphs
  • Contribute to plans for combined efforts towards better and more palliative care in the future – we all have a part to play
  • Meet and connect with colleagues in your region and beyond
  • Draw on the ideas of global executive coach and author Jess Pryce Jones, who is launching her new book this July on the power of using intuition to get results.  

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a nursing student, we believe this event offers a unique learning experience and place to connect and grow. We would like to meet you and introduce you to others!

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of a donor, we are able to offer free places to all who would not be able to afford to join otherwise. You will see this funded option when you click ‘Book now’.

Please email with any questions.

 Session TitleSpeaker
11:45am BST (10:45am UTC)Meet and Greet hosted by our Network Champions  
You are invited to join a small breakout group to meet fellow nurses from your region!  

Welcome and Introduction

12:00pm (11:00am UTC)Welcome and IntroductionHeather Richardson, Director of Academic Learning and Action, St Christopher’s London
12:10pm (11:10am UTC)Setting the Scene
The World Health Assembly resolution; its achievement and the work remaining
Dr Stephen R Connor, Executive Director Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance    
12:25pm (11:25am UTC)  Why nurses are well placed to respond.
Their opportunity and responsibility as change agents  
Professor Julia Downing, Chief Executive, International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN)  
12:45pm (11:45am UTC)  Personal reflection – interactive
Where are you in your own journey?
What kind of change agent are you by nature?
How do you adapt to meet new opportunities?    
Marie Cooper, Senior Nurse Advisor, St Christopher’s

Introducing Global Change Agents and Their Focus  

1:00pm (12:00pm UTC)  The continuous improver  
Christian, founder of the community palliative care charity “Soigner le Vie” in Cameroon, embodies entrepreneurial spirit and social impact. He will share how from a mere vision, he has forged a dedicated team and vital services, rallying community support to elevate awareness of palliative care and engage individuals in collective action. Christian’s unwavering commitment and forward-thinking approach exemplify a transformative model for grassroots initiatives, showcasing the power of innovative leadership in healthcare advocacy.
Christian Tsotsie, Founder of Soigner La Vie Nurse and GPNN Champion, Cameroon    
1:15pm (12:15pm UTC)    The development strategist  
Silva, a nurse working in academia based in Lebanon has taken a leading role in advancing palliative care through various initiatives, notably establishing a new national palliative care association for nurses. With a primary focus on skill development and professionalism. Silva will outline her efforts in reshaping the landscape of end-of-life care in Lebanon. Silva’s unwavering passion and dedication are driving tangible improvements in the standards of palliative care delivery, making a meaningful impact on the entire Lebanese care system.
Dr Silva Dakessian Sailan, Educationalist, American University of Beirut and GPNN Advisory Group Member, Lebanon      
1:30pm (12:30pm UTC)  The intuitive adapter
Despite the significant challenges posed by the war, Halima, Geraldine, and colleagues have demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination in their mission to provide nursing education and advance palliative care. Halima and Geraldine will recount how they have maintained their unwavering focus and adaptability amid adversity highlight their commitment to making a meaningful difference in the face of adversity.
Dr Halima Ali, Palliative Care Coordinator, National Cancer Institute, Sudan and GPNN Champion
Geraldine Damanhuri, Clinical Nurse Specialist and GPNN member  
1:45pm (12:45pm UTC)    The heart driven opportunist
Leonor, a nurse at St Christopher’s, will offer insights into seizing opportunities that extend beyond routine tasks, illustrating their potential to profoundly impact individuals, nurses, and the broader understanding of palliative care. Through her experiences, she’ll emphasise how embracing these opportunities fosters a holistic approach to care, enriching the lives of both patients and caregivers. Leonor’s perspective underscores the transformative power of stepping outside conventional practices to enhance the quality of palliative care delivery.    
Leonor Pacheo, Deputy Ward Manager, St Christopher’s London and GPNN member      
2:00pm (1:00pm UTC)  Discussion 1: What are their shared characteristics?

Discussion 2: What are their distinctive strengths?
Heather Richardson, Director of Academic Learning and Action, St Christopher’s  
2:15pm (1:15pm UTC)  Break

Priorities for the Future  

2:30pm (1:30pm UTC)  Improving Access to Medication Globally
2.45 pm (1:45pm UTC)    Addressing Inequity to Care Provision
Increasing access to address inequity    

Anu, is a nurse with a keen eye for unmet needs, has dedicated many years to serving marginalised and often overlooked communities, empowering them with a voice and presence in society. Through her initiatives, she has not only built essential services but also provided a platform for those on the fringes to be heard and valued within their communities. In her presentation, Anu will candidly discuss the challenges faced along the way, alongside the remarkable successes achieved in her mission to uplift and advocate for the marginalized.  
Anu Savio, Nurse Consultant, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute and GPNN Advisory Group Member, Indian and United Arab Emirates    
3.00 pm (2:00pm UTC)  The vital role of Nursing Research and Education to Health Policy 

Marie began her distinguished career in paediatric nursing in Belgium, where she developed a profound dedication to palliative care. This passion was ignited by her clinical experiences and a deep concern for the national policy on euthanasia for children, which she found incongruent with her professional observations and the insufficient palliative care services available nationwide. Determined to make a difference, Marie will share with us how she transitioned into research and education to drive change at national level.
Professor Marie Friedel
Professor in Nursing Science, Department of Life Sciences and Medicine (DLSM), 
University of Luxembourg
3.15pm (2:15pm UTC)  Meet the Experts
Have time with the speakers in breakout groups    

Moving Forward

3:40pm (2:40pm UTC)  ‘Trust your gut’
Intuition, that silent navigator, often whispers truths our rational minds have yet to grasp. In its subtlety lies the profound wisdom of instinct, guiding us through the complexities of life. Jess will make a compelling case for the value of honing our intuition in our work.
Jess Pryce-Jones, Global Executive Coach and Author      
3:55pm (2:55pm UTC)  Next Steps and Opportunities
How to connect with each other and build our network
Marie Cooper, Senior Nurse Advisor, St Christopher’s
4.00pm (3:00pm UTC)Close 
Middle aged white woman, smiling to camera with short blond hair

Heather Richardson

Heather Richardson currently works as Director of Academic Learning and Action in the Professional Learning team at St Christopher’s CARE. She previously worked as Joint Chief Executive, then CEO of…
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Marie Cooper

Marie Cooper

Senior Nursing Advisor Celebrating Palliative Care Nursing Marie is a nurse with many years’ experience of clinical leadership with an expertise in practice development across a range of care settings. Having…
Read More Marie Cooper
Julia Downing

Professor Julia Downing

Professor Downing is an experienced palliative care nurse, educationalist and researcher. She is the Chief Executive of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) and Professor at universities in Uganda,…
Read More Professor Julia Downing
Anu headshot

Anu Savio Thelly

Ms Anu Savio Thelly has played a vital role in establishing palliative care services in Pondicherry, India and integrating and implementing palliative care into the nursing curriculum at national level…
Read More Anu Savio Thelly
Leonor Pacheco

Leonor Pacheco 

Leonor trained in Portugal and is a Deputy Ward Manager on one of St Christopher’s Hospice’s inpatient wards. Leonor also collaborates with St Christopher’s CARE in education and community projects…
Read More Leonor Pacheco 
Geraldine Damanhuri

Geraldine Damanhuri

Geraldine Damanhuri is a highly experienced and accomplished nurse specialising in palliative care, with a career spanning over three decades. She holds many qualifications in nursing and higher education, and…
Read More Geraldine Damanhuri
Christian TSOTIE

Christian Tsotie

Christian is a senior nurse based in Cameroon – a pain management and palliative care nurse specialist with 10 years’ experience. He is also a home-based palliative care team coordinator…
Read More Christian Tsotie
Stephen Connor

Stephen Connor

Stephen R. Connor, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the London, UK based Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA), an alliance of national and regional hospice and palliative care organizations…
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