Sensitive Conversations

On demand module suitable for all health and social care professionals

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Event overview

  • On demand
  • South East London professionals
  • Approximately 45-60 minutes
  • Introductory offer of £45 for three modules
    Normally £45.00 each
  • FREE for South East London professionals

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Useful information

Sensitive Conversations

This module will give you the opportunity to reflect on your current practice and consider ways to approach the challenges that these conversations bring. 

This module is currently available on an introductory offer of £45 for three modules, including Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death and Introduction to the Principles of Palliative Care (free for South East London professionals)

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What will I learn?

  • The basics of good communication                      
  • Challenges of having sensitive conversations 
  • Learning from the past – understanding what patients want
  • Recognising the skills required for sensitive conversation             

Who is it for?

All health and social care professionals wanting to know more about sensitive conversations.

What will the course look like?

We have created an on demand module suitable for all health and social care professionals wanting to learn more about sensitive conversations.

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Why our education programme?

We have a well-established programme of high quality, cutting-edge, specialist palliative care education, designed for those working in the UK and internationally.

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Education is at the heart of St Christopher’s mission to promote and provide hospice care of the highest standards.

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