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A four-day course for Health and Social Care Professionals who wish to improve their teaching practice

St Christopher's CARE

Event overview

  • 17 Sep, 2024
    17, 24 Sept & 1, 8 Oct
  • 4 days
  • £505 plus VAT
  • Days 1 and 4: In person at St Christopher’s CARE
    Days 2 and 3: Online

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Useful information

Teach with CARE
  • Are you passionate about teaching in health and social care?
  • Do you want to fine tune your teaching practice?
  • Would you like to introduce innovations in your approach to learning?  

Teach with CARE is a four-day course combining online and in person teaching spread over several weeks.

The course considers different perspectives of adult learning and pedagogy.

The sessions introduce best practice techniques including planning; presenting; resourcing; questioning; assessing and evaluating teaching across the four days.

Learners will also look at online educational tools for effective teaching as well as evaluating best practice for face-to-face and online teaching. They will have the opportunity to plan and share a short teaching session and receive supportive feedback.

Please note you will need to bring a laptop to each session. Do let us know if you are unable to do this.

It’s common to be asked to teach others as part of your role, but for those with no training and little experience in teaching, this can be a nerve-wracking prospect. Teach with CARE has been developed as a foundational step into the theory and practice of teaching and learning, giving clinical and non-clinical colleagues alike the confidence and ideas to excel in the role. High quality teaching is critical to our learners being able to put what we teach into practice, and therefore benefits the quality of care delivered throughout the sector.

Matt Tregellas, Learning Technologist and Teach with CARE Lead, St Christopher’s CARE

“I really enjoyed the four days. I think that Teach with CARE should be mandatory for all (teaching colleagues), no matter how long they have been teaching. It gives everyone a platform from which they can be launched and a sense of what is expected of them.” 

Teach with CARE attendee

What will the course look like?

This course will involve:

  • Online (days 2 and 3) and face-to-face (days 1 and 4) learning
  • Exploration of academic and web articles
  • A range of activity types including: live and video presentation; using interactive tools as both a learner and a teacher; discussion; pair and group work; self-study; critical thinking; reflection
  • Completion of tasks before and after sessions. There will be approximately one hour of self-study per session and slightly longer for the final assignment.

What will I learn?

  • Theories of teaching and learning
  • Consider the needs of adult learners and how to create engaging learning
  • Consider implications for practice when teaching face-to-face or virtually
  • Enhance and develop teaching practice

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone who wishes to improve their teaching practice face-to-face and online, particularly those in health and social care, but the learning from this course can be used in most settings.

Delegates are expected to have a basic understanding of navigating a laptop, supporting software and use of the internet.

Matthew Tregellas

Matt Tregellas

After graduating from the University of Sheffield, Matt moved to Japan where he began his career as an English language teacher. After three years, Matt returned to the UK where…
Read More Matt Tregellas

Lorna Malcolm

Lorna joined the Rehabilitation team at St Christopher’s in 2008, as a newly qualified physiotherapist, coming from previous careers in Law and Health and Fitness. She has also worked as…
Read More Lorna Malcolm


  • Exploring St Christopher’s CARE aims and Pedagogical Framework
  • Considering different perspectives on adult learning
  • Planning; presenting; resourcing; questioning; assessing and evaluating teaching in response to learner input and feedback
  • Considering best practice for face-to-face and online teaching
  • Using online tools for effective teaching
  • Planning and sharing the rationale for a teaching session

Day 1

10.00Welcome and Introductions
St Christopher’s CARE and the Pedagogical Framework
11.15Theories of learning
12.55Adult learning and active learning
14.15Reflection, evaluation and wrap up

Day 2

10.00The teaching context
11.30Constructive alignment, learning outcomes and Bloom’s taxonomy
13.20Online educational tools
14.20Homework set up and reflection

Day 3

10.00The Conversational Framework
Active learning activity share
11.30Anatomy of a teaching session
Planning a teaching session
13.20Flipped learning
13.50Multimedia design
14.30Homework set up and reflection

Day 4

10.00Evaluation and reflection
11.30Making and delivering an activity with educational technology
13.25Putting it into practice: Assignment workshop
14.15Final reflection, Next steps

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