Our dementia pledge

St Christopher's and Memory Bridge

We, the undersigned, pledge to work together to reduce loneliness for people living and dying with dementia

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Together we will work to reduce loneliness for people living and dying with dementia

Dame Evelyn Glennie  
Grahame Hindes CEO Octavia
Neil McCarthy Assistant Directory of Care and Support – Octavia
Mark Power  
Gemma Woodbridge  
Morgan Jones Chairman Trustee – St Christopher’s
Vincent Docherty Head of Patient and Family Support – St Christopher’s
Simon Pepzisi  
Frances Goud Wives Fellowship
Debbie Pegram Ward Manager – St Joseph’s Hospice
Chloe Chandler St Christopher’s
Marion Marples Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary – Southwark Cathedral
Chris Asprey L’Arche
Sarah O’Boyle Wives Fellowship
Natalya Ryabova Memory Bridge
Anna Charles-Brady  
Jonathan Charles-Brady  
Fiona Harland Lead Specialist Lymphoedema Physiotherapist – Sue Ryder
Angus Hanton Bell House
Catherine McDonald Trustee at St Christopher’s
Chris Pott  
Paula Franklin  
James Bryan  
Lauren Roberts  
Katie Grace Deputy Ward Manager – St Christopher’s
Sarah Perkins  
Shaun O’Leary JCE – St Christopher’s
Barbara Monroe  
Stephanie Turner Community Participation Lead – St Christopher’s
Sarah Guyan Complementary Therapies Lead – St Christopher’s
Louisa Webb  
Helen Scott Palliative Care Nurse Lecturer – St Christopher’s
Carolyn Stanley  
Brenda Gillian  
George Omalianakis  
Mr Darren Fearnley  
Mr Jon Devlin Business Development/General Manager & Project Lead for Compassionate Neighbours, Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice
Ms Alison Tucker Volunteer, St Christopher’s Hospice
Katie Baulkwill Digital Communications and Marketing Officer, St Christopher’s Hospice
Molly O’Shea Digital Communications & Marketing Lead, St Christopher’s Hospice
Penny Scaffold Web developer, St Christopher’s Hospice
Ms Sophie Couse  
Mrs Stella Whitehouse Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care, Croydon University Hospital
Ms Julie Banks 3rd year student nurse, University of Brighton
Mrs Isabel Guevara