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Dying Matters at St Christopher’s

We want to encourage people to start those all-important conversations around dying – something this research and recent conversations facilitated by us suggests people feel reluctant to do.

We went to our local high street to ask the public questions about what would be most important to them if they found out they were going to die.

Perhaps you could start thinking about what you would want at the end of life by answering these questions too?

Thinking about your wishes today could make things easier for you and the people close to you later.


Read Panna’s story


These are real people who want to share their experiences,
and help us break down those barriers when it comes to talking with others about dying.

A Living Wake? What’s that…

Read Tim’s story on how he confronted his terminal diagnosis with a celebration of his life!

Sleep easy after writing your own Death Book

Entrepreneur creates ‘deathmin’ beating book and heated facemask to help us relax in different ways

Only 3 in 10 people are confident talking to their parents about dying
30% of people don't talk about their dying wishes

What support we give

We offer support that is unique to every person. What matters to you, matters to us.

Richard Howe

Read Richard’s story


There are lots of resources we offer around how you can develop your own Advance Care Plan.

Planning ahead

A guide to support you in planning ahead and thinking about your future.

Advance Care Planning

This booklet will guide you through a series of questions and ideas for you to think about.

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Thoughts from our professionals

Recent insights and innovations curated by leading palliative care professionals.

Planning ahead

Professor Heather Richardson, Director of Education, Research and End of Life Policy, shares her thoughts on current problems with planning ahead

Straight Talk: Is Advance Care Planning fit for purpose? Care Management Matters magazine

Is it time to rethink advance care planning? eHospice

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