Bespoke support

As well as our scheduled courses on our website, we are also able to provide tailor-make short courses and study days, specifically designed to meet the needs of your particular staff group and any specific CPPD requirements

For example, we were commissioned to deliver a comprehensive programme of end of life care training for hospital and community-based health and social care staff. This mandatory training has been a core part of the commitment to developing end of life care knowledge and skills amongst the non-specialist workforce. The programme builds on our established courses such as ‘Challenging Conversations’, ‘Quality End of Life Care for All’ (QELCA) and ‘Advance Care Planning’ but has been developed and extended to meet the particular local context.

We have been successful in organising a training programme for a care home in south west London that includes on-site as well as specific training for both senior nurses and health care assistants. Working closely with senior managers from the care home we developed and ran training days, custom-made, to meet the gaps in knowledge and skills they had identified within their teams. If you would like to know more about similar tailor-made courses then please do get in touch.

We can also offer:

  • support for practice/service development
  • in-house consultancy to develop practice in a specific area e.g. culturally-sensitive practice
  • care home developments
  • the development of information/library services.

If you would like to discuss any of these possibilities, including off-site training, please contact:

Dion Bachmann
Education Business Manager
Telephone 020 8768 4659

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