Please read the latest coronavirus advice before visiting any of the hospice sites.

Emergency Appeal

Helping William is a matter of death and life

Because of coronavirus William Burke, like many other people we support, can’t come to the hospice. So we’re taking the hospice to him. Our team have arranged video consultations and are delivering prescriptions to help William live the best life he can, despite his bowel cancer.
When William’s pain became unbearable one of our doctors, Emma, even made an essential visit, in full PPE, to set up a syringe driver that delivers consistent medication to keep him comfortable.
We’re continuing to support over 1,200 people, like William, each and every day. We’re making sure we are there for people living with a terminal illness across south east London despite the challenges presented by coronavirus. But that isn’t easy.

We’ve already lost £1 million income in the first month from cancelled fundraising events and closed charity shops and our teams are working hard to support people in new and different ways to keep everyone safe. We really do need your help, now more than ever, to continue to provide these vital services to the most vulnerable.

Please consider giving us a gift of £30 today. If you do, you’ll be making sure people like William never have to feel isolated.

Thank you.

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Here's how your donation will make a difference

£10 would pay for video conferencing technology to connect patients with their family members who cannot visit

£30 would pay for an hour of care for a patient staying on our wards

£100 would pay for 100 face masks to keep patients and hospice staff safe and well