12 June 2024

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Emma’s Story

Emma with her brother, Steve

When Emma Lindow decided to jump out of a plane for St Christopher’s, there was only one decision she had to make: jump from 10,000ft or 15,000ft?

“I wanted a different view this time!” said Emma, choosing the latter as she had already skydived from 10,000ft before.

The skydive was in the memory of her mum, Brenda, who was cared for by St Christopher’s.

Emma with her brother, Steve

Social carer, Emma, and her brother, Steve, took the time to talk to us about Brenda while she was still being cared for at the hospice. Family and community have always been important to the siblings, and so it was a difficult and yet uniting time for them when Brenda was diagnosed with cancer.

Back in January of this year, Emma’s family were waiting on her mother’s test results. At this point, Emma had gone to Uganda to volunteer for its medical outreach – a dream that she had been working towards for some time. Of course, it wasn’t the easiest of decisions to make, given how she still wanted to be there for her family.

“It was tough for me to go, but Mum made me promise that I would,” she said. Emma was able to volunteer for just short of a week before Brenda’s test results came back. Unfortunately, it was confirmed that she was at Stage Four cancer. Emma arranged to fly back home immediately, spending her birthday on the plane.

Emma and Steve's mum, Kirsty

“You always think: ‘Cancer – let’s hope for the best-case scenario,’” says Steve. “We never really thought it was going to be that bad.”

Having returned home, Emma cared for her mum who had been  referred to St Christopher’s. It was at this time that Emma set about to help fundraise for the hospice when the idea of a skydive came up.

Steve told us how proud he was of his sister, highlighting the courage it took to commit to something like this.

Brenda died very shortly after we spoke to Emma and Steve. It only made Emma more determined to raise money in her memory.

“She liked her home comforts, like her coffee and TV. She was a mother and a grandmother. I got 42 years with her; I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Emma's jump from 15,000ft

On Saturday 25 May, Emma completed her skydive, raising over £2,000 to support St Christopher’s – an incredible amount for an incredible act of bravery. The funds she has raised will go a long way to helping continue palliative care for others.

After completing the jump, she told us: “We saluted mum from the sky and I also got to steer and spin the parachute by myself which was amazing. My instructor Joe went out of his way to make it special.”

Emma and Steve both have many things to still look forward to. Steve’s children are a big part of both of their lives, and Emma in particular loves being the fun aunt in their life. Steve is also getting married in September.

“I’ll still be saving Mum a seat,” he said.

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