Talk – Health and Emotional Literacy at End of Life


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5 July 2019
10.30am - 11.30am
Coulsdon Library, Brighton Road, Coulsdon CR5 2NH

A space to talk about the pain of loss and find mutual support and encouragement

  • Creating Conversations in Croydon, is a community collaborative project in partnership with St Christophers, Age UK Croydon and Cruse Croydon, with the aim to help people of all ages talk more openly about Death and Dying and to create their end of life plans.

    It  has been funded by Croydon Clinical Commissioning group to support the people of Croydon to begin the process of change.

    Bringing “Dying Matters” out from the medical world back into our communities, and accepted as a  part of our life cycle.

    This proactive project aims to inform and encourage people in their end of life wishes and choices including where they may wish to die, understanding the legal medical directives, reflect on their funeral wishes but above all to share their wishes with family and friends. Research has shown this gives all involved, peace of mind, reducing family conflicts.

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For more information contact Carol Trower

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