Croydon Charity Walk for Peace


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27 April 2019

The Charity Walk for Peace is an initiative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association – part of the UK’s oldest established Muslim community. Inspired by the tenets of Islam, the walk aims to relieve suffering and serve mankind regardless of colour, creed or race. By bringing people together to help others it works to promote peace, engender greater understanding and promote goodwill amongst people from all walks of life.

Since its inception in 1985 the walk has been held at different venues across the UK with thousands participating each year. Over £5.2 million has been distributed to over 500 UK registered charities.

Our mission is to help society, support charitable endeavours, to work to secure the common good, to demonstrate loyalty to country and nation, and to defend the dignity of mankind. 

Charity Champions

Our volunteers are vital to the success of our charity work. Dedicated teams of volunteers are our social capital who contribute selflessly with their time, energy and enthusiasm to raise funds. We have more than 150 Charity Champions who collectively raise over £150,000 every year.

All organisers are volunteers. Every penny raised goes to charity. No administration costs are deducted.



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