Do It Yourself: Movie nights


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Host a movie night for donations to St Christopher's
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Movie nights are easy organise, fun and terrific fundraisers.

You simply pick a movie that your friends fancy watching, choose a date and treat your friends to some tasty snacks.

After watching the movie and enjoying the treats, each of your guests donated as much as they think fit. So get ready to sit back and relax while enjoying a movie favourite all the while raising funds for St Christopher’s.


Popcorn: Head straight for a bag of kernels. Fresh popcorn is just pennies to make but it can raise pounds for St Christopher’s. You can top this with either sweet or savoury delights –  butter, salt, black pepper, garlic & herb, peanut butter, cinnamon sugar. The best bit is you can be as creative as you like.  This is a great way to thank your guests for “popping” by.

Cinnamon Mini Waffles: You don’t need to be the perfect baker to make these treats. All you need is a box of vanilla cake mix and just add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. It really is that easy! You could complement this by drizzling a frosting over the top (vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate).

Dress up your ice cream: Whether you are a kid, or just a kid at heart there is no better way to scoop up fun than adding an array of toppings to your store bought ice cream. Melted mars bar, nuts, coconut flakes, chocolate digestive biscuits, ginger nuts, toffee popcorn, warmed Nutella, honey, lemon curd.

Pizza: No-knead to make the dough from scratch, you can either pick up store bought pizza bases or puff pastry ready rolled.

There are plenty more yummy food ideas for you to try; nachos, crudités and dip, sundaes, hot dogs, crisps and salsa. We’d love to hear your snack ideas so please get in touch.


There are plenty of themes you can include and movies you can celebrate, it all depends on your preference and what you think the people you invite will enjoy.

  • And the Oscar goes to
  • Disney
  • Hollywood
  • 70s, 80s, 90s
  • Black and White
  • Movies that make you cry in public
  • Horror

If you wanted to go a step further you could have your guest dress up as a character from the movie you have chosen – Hogwart students, Marvel Super-Hero’s, Gangsters and their Moles, Alice and Wonderland. This all depends on what your guests want to watch.

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