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The untold stories of loss


These events are held monthly

Zoom meetings discussing death, loss and bereavement during the time of Covid-19

The Creating Conversations project aims to break down the silence around death and give each of us a voice, where open conversations are welcome in normalising dying, death and grief. After two years of meeting face to face, we have a new home in keeping with government directives on safe distancing.

We are facing a time of great upheaval and immeasurable change as we suffer through losses in various forms on a daily basis. The impact of living under the shadow of Covid-19 is far reaching and will last for a long time. Our personal experiences however, are unique and bring out powerful emotions and reactions that can be overwhelming and leave us feeling out of control.

We welcome all who live in our catchment areas of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham, Bromley and Croydon. We will feature individual stories, discuss the effects of the present-day situation and consider the journey towards healing.

These events will be hosted by Creating Conversations with a different guest speaker each month.

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Carol Trower Project Lead, Creating Conversations

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