Fundraising Story – Kieran Morgan’s sisters

Sisters Geraldine, Lisa and Sarah’s October Dinner and Dance in memory of their brother Kieran Morgan raised over £32,000. This is their inspirational story.

“Our brother Kieran died last year having being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer six months earlier. His illness was short but devastating to us, his family, because there was no hope for him. We appreciated the support that we received from St Christopher’s, throughout his illness and after he died. We hadn’t known much about hospices before and were shocked to learn how much they need to fundraise. As a family, we decided we would like to help so we began to organise a Dinner and Dance at our local golf club.

“It started off with numbers of 100 people but as the event became known and talked about it increased to 240 sitting down to dinner and being entertained by singing waiters, a DJ and saxophonist. We received fantastic donations of gifts from friends and when we auctioned these we raised £25,000. Together with Kieran’s Justgiving page and other donations in his name we raised £32,683.

“This event, though hard work, has given us something positive to focus on and will hopefully benefit a lot of people also.”

Geraldine, Lisa and Sarah

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Sisters Geraldine, Lisa and Sarah’s October Dinner and Dance raised over £32,000 for St Christopher's. Our warmest thanks go to Kieran’s family for this amazing achievement.

Kieran Morgan's sisters