Online tributes

A positive way to remember a loved one

Create a lasting memory

Creating an online tribute for your loved one gives you a permanent space to remember them with photos, thoughts and life stories. You can visit your tribute on special days to light virtual candles or give virtual gifts. Your Snowdrop Fund allows you, your family and friends to donate or do fundraising events in your loved one’s memory.

Set up a Snowdrop Fund

An online Snowdrop Fund gives you the chance to share precious memories of your loved one with others and donate to St Christopher’s in their memory.

If you already have a Snowdrop Fund, search for it here, or find an existing Snowdrop Fund and join us in celebrating the life of those special people who are no longer here, but are never forgotten.

Search for a Snowdrop Fund

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about setting up a Snowdrop Fund.

Your Snowdrop Fund is a positive way to remember a loved one or friend who has died.

It is a web page where family and friends can pay tribute to their loved one in any way they choose – from adding photos, videos, music, thoughts and messages to making a donation or fundraising for an event. Your fund will have its own unique link.

There is no cost for creating a Snowdrop Fund. We work together with the MuchLoved Charitable Trust to offer this special service.

It’s easy to set up a Snowdrop Fund, all you need is a valid email address. When setting up the fund, you enter the name of the person you are remembering, a photograph of them (if you have one) and a message for display on the fund web page. You can change any of these details at a later date.

Your fund will have a unique link which you can share with family and friends.

If you wish, your Snowdrop Fund will remain online forever in remembrance of your loved one. You can choose to close it if you wish.

You can control the privacy settings of your Snowdrop Fund and set the exact level of restriction you require.

You can invite family and friends to view your fund by sharing your unique link or by sending them an email through the ‘invite’ setting on your tribute fund page.

Donations are collected by and processed using Stripe. They are transferred to St Christopher’s bank account on the 15th of each month.

For answers to questions not covered above, please visit the MuchLoved websiteemail us or call the Fundraising team on 020 8768 4575.