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What is the Global Palliative Nursing Network?

Our aim is to establish a worldwide network to provide peer support and professional development for all nurses working in palliative care – wherever they are.

We’re designing it to complement existing networks following recent engagement with over 1200 nurses around the world interested to advance their practice.

We are delighted to be collaborating with the ICPCN to develop this network.The ICPCN is the only global organisation working to improve access to palliative care for the more than 21 million children worldwide.

Perhaps you would consider becoming a Network Champion?

The GPNN is free until June 2024


Global Palliative Nursing Network Events

The therapeutic presence of nurses in the place of suffering 

  • 18 January 2024
  • 15:30-17:00 GMT/UTC


Lantern Model
A contemporary model of nursing for people dying or bereaved.


GPNN nurses championing advancing palliative nursing

Introduction to the network by Marie Cooper

Who can join?

We’re creating this network to be a home for all nurses working in palliative care, whether with children or adults, and as specialists or generalists.

Our network will be…

What are the benefits?

First and foremost, being part of a worldwide network of nurses, sharing insights and innovations as well as experiencing the support of like-minded professionals.

Members can also enjoy regular webinars, a wide range of tools and resources, an annual conference and access to thought-provoking blogs.

You will have access to…

Regular webinars

Extensive library of tools and resources

Annual conference

CARE International Visitors

Together, we aim to advance palliative care nursing, build peer support and mitigate professional loneliness.


ICPCN are excited to be collaborating with St Christopher’s on the development of the Global Palliative Nursing Network. We recognise the important role of nurses in the provision of palliative care globally and are committed to empowering and developing palliative nursing and palliative nurse leaders globally.

The ICPCN is the only global organisation working to improve access to palliative care for the more than 21 million children worldwide and is renowned for its expert leadership, a wealth of educational resources and hosts a network of members in over 140 countries.

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