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Grand Winter Raffle 2023 Winners

The Grand Shopping Raffle closed on 11 December and was drawn on 14 December. It raised over £41,800.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

PrizeTicket NumberWinnerLocation
1st Prize: £2500
Love2Shop Voucher
166145Mrs P PhillipsLondon
2nd Prize: £250
Love2Shop Voucher
000716M GannonBeckenham
3rd Prize:
£25 Love2Shop Voucher
183825Miss A DewarOrpington
3rd Prize:
£25 Love2Shop Voucher
000538R PascualLondon
3rd Prize:
£25 Love2Shop Voucher
104902Mrs M UpsonLondon
3rd Prize:
£25 Love2Shop Voucher
202477L DebellBromley
3rd Prize:
£25 Love2Shop Voucher
159207Mrs A EmmottLondon

Important information

Revised: June 2020

St Christopher’s Hospice is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 5256.

OPERATING LICENCE Number: 000-005256-N-300143-012
ANCILLARY REMOTE OPERATING LICENCE Number: 000-005256-A-319663-002

Promoter: St Christopher’s Hospice, 51-59 Lawrie Park Road, London SE26 6DZ
Responsible person: Christine Davies

All profits from gambling activities go towards funding the services of St Christopher’s Hospice to help and support patients and their families. Registered charity number 210667.

St Christopher’s is licensed by the Gambling Commission ( under the Gambling Act 2005. Operating Licence 000-005256-N-300143-005.

Promoter: St Christopher’s Hospice. Responsible person: Christine Davies.

  1. By entering the Lottery and/or Grand Raffle you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any entries not complying with these Terms and Conditions will not be valid.
  2. These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and entrants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  3. You must be 18 years old or over to play the Lottery or Grand Raffles. You will not buy entries on behalf of anybody under the age of 18. No persons under this age are allowed by law to enter the Lottery and/or Grand Raffles. Any person who has entered the Lottery and/or Grand Raffle and who is found to be under 18 will automatically forfeit any prize. We reserve the right to require proof of identity and age.
  4. Entry is open to residents of Great Britain (this excludes Isle of Man and the Channel Islands). St Christopher’s Hospice employees directly involved in the draw process of the Lottery and Grand Raffles are excluded.
  5. We cannot accept Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) payments for Lottery or Grand Raffle entries. All CAF payments will be treated as donations.
  6. We accept no liability for any delay in bank payments. Nor any loss, theft or delayed receipt of any communication.
  7. We may, without giving any reason or notice at our absolute discretion, decline to accept an application, cancel existing entries or terminate the scheme.
  8. Draws are conducted using random number generator software, LotteryMaster and DrawMaster. These are written using a Microsoft programming language and the RNG was designed by Microsoft as part of this language. We make no design modifications to the RNG.
  9. A list of winners will be available on our website within one week of the draw or by calling our Lottery helpline during office hours.
  10. Winners will be notified by mail, telephone or email within 28 days of the draw. Cash prizes will be sent by cheque and arrangements will be made for collection or delivery of other types of prizes.
  11. Where a prize remains unclaimed for six months following our first attempt to notify the prize-winner, we shall apply the prize as we see fit, including re-offering the prize in a future Lottery or Grand Raffle.
  12. Winning cheques not cashed within six months will be deemed to be a donation.
  13. The prizes are described on our website ( Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another prize of equal or greater value. No interest is payable on cash prizes. Prizes are non-transferable, non-negotiable and, except where expressly stated, no cash alternative will be available.
  14. It is the responsibility of the player to advise us of any change of address or any other membership details deemed necessary.
  1. The Lottery is a monthly draw which you can enter on a subscription basis by monthly or annual direct debit or annually by cheque. The direct debit payment facility may be set up over the phone, via our website, by written mandate or face to face with one of our canvassers.
  2. The cost of each entry is £5 per play. Players may purchase more than one entry and payment must be made in advance by one of the permitted methods. Players will be allocated a unique membership number for each entry purchased.
  3. The number of lottery entries per player, per month is limited to 20. Should you wish to purchase more than 20 please contact the Lottery Office prior to application.
  4. Draws usually take place on the last Tuesday of the month except in December when the draw will be between the 18th and the 24th of the month.
  5. The profit from each draw will be split into three pots: the monthly prizes, the reserve towards the December bumper draw and donation to the St Christopher’s Hospice which will always be equal or greater than 20%.
  6. There will be a main prize for each draw although additional prizes, both monetary and/or non-monetary, could be offered from time to time.
January – NovemberPrizeDecemberPrize
1st prize £              1,5001st prize £                  5,000
2 x 2nd prize £                 1002 x 2nd prize £                     500
22 x 3rd prize £                    1022 x 3rd prize £                       50
30 x 4th prize £                      530 x 4th prize £                       10
30 x 5th prize £5 gift voucher30 x 5th prize £10 gift voucher
  1. Players may cancel their subscription at any time. Any monies paid in advance are not refundable. Please advise us in writing if you wish to cancel your membership of the  Lottery.
  2. All player payments to be used for future entries paid to the Lottery are held in a dedicated gaming account to maintain a separation from the charity accounts. However, this will not protect player payments in the event of insolvency. This meets with the Gambling Commission’s requirements for the segregation of player payments at the level of not protected.
  3. St Christopher’s reserves the right to stop the Lottery by giving one month’s notice to all registered members. Any player payments held for future entries will be refunded.
  1. Anyone who signs up to join the St Christopher’s Hospice Lottery for the first time will be automatically entered into the New Players’ Free Gift Draw held on the last Friday of the month following receipt of their first payment.
  2. £5 prizes (cash of gift voucher) will be awarded to 90% of all entrants
  3. Winners will be notified by mail, telephone or email within 28 days of the draw. Prizes will be sent by post.
  4. Draws are conducted using random number generator software. Prizes are awarded in order of selection.
  5. A list of winners will be available on our website within one week of the draw or by calling our Lottery helpline during office hours.
  1. The number of entries per player, per draw is limited to 100. Should you wish to purchase more than 100 please contact the Lottery Office prior to application.
  2. Tickets may be purchased by post, online, over the phone or in our shops: using cash, cheque or card.
  3. Tickets bought in shops will be provided in the form of a till receipt at the point of purchase. It is the players responsibility to check at the point of purchase that the information on the ticket is readable, to request a replacement if it is not and to keep the ticket safe and in good condition. We cannot reissue the tickets once you have left the till. Players are responsible for visiting or calling the Lottery Helpline to check if they have won. They must provide information from the ticket and their name, address, contact details and date of birth. We will use this information to verify their eligibility to enter the draw and claim a prize. Claims must be made within 90 days of the date of the draw.
  4. Tickets will be entered into the draw when the payment has been received.
  5. St Christopher’s accepts no responsibility for tickets which are lost, damaged, illegible or from which the prize-winner cannot be identified. In these instances payment for the tickets will be treated as a donation.
  6. Any tickets stubs completed incorrectly or incomplete (i.e. incorrect contact number/address or failure to indicate if 18 or over) will void the entry and the payment will be treated as a donation.
  7. Any payments received after the closing date of the draw will be considered a donation to St Christopher’s.
  1. The current game title is – Support, Scratch, Match
  2. The current game number is – STC101
  3. The selling price of each card is £1
  4. Prizes available are £1, £2, £5, £10, £50, £100 and £100
  5. There is a 1 in 4.59 chance of winning a prize on each Scratchcard across a complete run of 20,000 cards.
  6. Full prize breakdown and odds per winning amount
Prize AmountNumber of Prizes available to win at the start of the gameOdds of winning each prize at the start of the game
£13,3001in 6.06
£29001in 22.22
£51001in 200
£10401in 500
£50101in 2,000
£10051in 4,000
£1,00011in 20,000

As and when prizes are won the total number of prizes available decreases. All Scratchcards will remain on sale after the top prize has been claimed.

  1. The Support, Scratch, Match game has a total of £8,000 to be won across the 20,000 Scratchcards available. The total number of prizes and cards available is true and formally notified to the Gambling Commission before any Scratchcard are sold.
  2. The 20,000 cards total is split across several different artwork fronts, always under the title of Support, Scratch, Match. Artwork front variations include Artwork 1, Artwork 2, Christmas Artwork and Wedding Artwork. All game mechanics are consistent throughout the print run.
  3. The game symbols are:
  1. You must be 18 years old or over to purchase Scratchcards. No persons under this age are allowed by law to gamble. We reserve the right to require proof of identity and age.
  2. The number of Scratchcards in any one purchase is limited to 100. Should you wish to purchase more than 100 please contact the Lottery Office to discuss the nature of the purchase (i.e. wedding favours or corporate gift).
  3. Scratchcards may be purchased online, in our shops, at the Lottery Office, from a volunteer or at our events.
  4. Winning cards must be surrendered to St Christopher’s Hospice in order to claim a prize.
  5. All prizes must be claimed within 28 days of the last date of sale as printed on the reverse side of the card.
  6. Prizes of £10 or less may be claimed in cash from our shops or the Lottery Office.
  7. Prizes valued at more than £10 and can be claimed by completing the name and address section on the reverse of the card, then posting to the Lottery Office. Proof of posting is not proof of delivery. Registered or Special delivery is recommended. Payment will be made by cheque or voucher as applicable.
  8. Winning cheques not cashed within six months will be deemed to be a donation. Vouchers will have an expiration date six months from date of issue.
  9. Stolen, torn, defaced, mutilated or misprinted Scratchcards will be deemed void.
  10. Throughout the duration of a game certain prizes may have been won and will therefore not be available.
  11. All information contained with these Terms and Conditions is final and will not be revised to take into consideration any future redemption, available, sales or loss of Scratchcards. This also covers any future withdrawal of Scratchcards (where those Scratchcards are withdrawn by St Christopher’s without knowledge of whether they are prize winning Scratchcards).
  12. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any other information issued by St Christopher’s in relation to this Support, Scratch, Match game, these terms and conditions will take priority.

  1. We reserve the right to use the winner’s names for promotional purposes. These will only be used in the format of Title Initial Surname and home town. We may request to use the winners’ name, photograph and other reasonable details for publicity purposes.
  2. Our decision is final in all matters relating to our gambling products. We operate a complaints and disputes procedure which is available on our website or by post on request by calling our Lottery Helpline. All complaints and disputes will be handled in accordance with this procedure. If your complaint relates to the outcome of a gambling transaction and cannot be dealt with by St Christopher’s to your satisfaction, you have the right, free of charge, to have the matter referred to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service ( which provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services to help resolve such complaints.
  3. We are committed to operating our gambling products in a socially responsible way. If you or a family member feel that you are experiencing problems with gambling, you can seek advice and support from GambleAware via their website or by calling the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133. For more information about self-exclusion, please visit our website or request a copy to be sent by post by calling the Lottery Helpline.
  4. St Christopher’s reserve the right to amend or modify these Terms and Conditions without notice. We will notify you of any significant changes to these Terms and Conditions via the Website or contacting you directly using the contact details you provided on registration (such method to be determined by us in our discretion).

St Christopher’s is a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association ( and The Lotteries Council ( Both organisations work closely with The Gambling Commission to keep crime out of gambling and to protect the vulnerable. Further advice and support can be accessed from Gamble Aware via their website or by calling the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.

St Christopher’s promises to respect any personal data you share with us and keep it safe. We aim to be clear when we collect your data and not to do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect. Your details are held on our database and we use this to process your payment, donation and any eligible Gift Aid. Your details are safe with us. Your information will not be sold, swapped or leased with anyone. We may contact you by post from time to time to inform you about the work of the hospice and/or about fundraising initiatives.

We will respect your right to stop these communications at any time by calling the Lottery Office on 020 8768 4610 or email For more details, please see our full privacy policy at or request a copy from the Lottery Office.

St Christopher’s Hospice
51-59 Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham, London SE26 6DZ
Lottery Helpline: 020 8768 4610
Lottery Email:
Registered charity number 210667

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