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Happy Holi-DIY

Christmas is a wonderful time to have fun with friends and family

It’s easy to add some fundraising into the mix, and you will be making a huge difference to your local hospice. Here are a few of our favourite D-I-Y Christmas fundraising ideas.

All the money you raise goes to supporting the patients and families helped by the hospice, both now and in the future.

Hold a Christmas bake sale

Share your homemade Christmas sweets with friends, family and colleagues in exchange for a donation to your favourite charity.

Make your own wreath

Create your own festive Christmas wreaths and sell them for more than it costs to make them.

Arrange a Christmas raffle

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Ask loved ones and friends to donate unwanted items from home that you can use as prizes for a raffle. Alternatively donate these items to our Christmas Festival which is being held on Saturday 2 December.

Secret Santa with a twist

Spread the Christmas joy beyond your circle of friends and co-workers by setting a £5 supplement per person – use £4 for the present and donate the additional £1 to charity.

Christmas jumper day

Whether it’s at work, a Christmas party or a pub crawl – charge £1 for each person who wears a Christmas jumper and £2 as a forfeit for those who do not follow the dress code.

Christmas party

Ask your employer if they’ll hold your Christmas party in aid of St Christopher’s. We can supply balloons, posters and collection tins.

Golden cracker

Buy some crackers and insert a gold ticket into one. Charge £2 a cracker and the lucky winner of the ticket wins a prize.

Challenge yourself

Take on 12 challenges for the 12 days of Christmas or double the challenge and get your friends and family to sponsor you to give up something over advent.

Reindeer runs

Grab your antlers this December and hold your very own Reindeer Run – you could do this in the office, make an assault course or even do a relay to reach Lapland!

Gift wrapping

Ask friends or colleagues for a donation to wrap their Christmas presents for them. Set up a stand and then charge £2 per present.

It’s good to talk

Have a non-email day at work. Everyone pays a fee to take part and pays a fine if they break the rules.

Who’s the baby?

Get everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as children at Christmas then charge people £2 to guess their identities.