Candle – children, young people and loss

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Candle: Children and Funerals

Children and Funerals Parents and carers want to do the best for their children, and it is very hard to know what is best for them when a death has happened.You are trying to come to terms with what has happened, cope with painful and difficult feelings, and there are so many decisions and choices to be made. full leaflet

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Candle: Children, Young People and Loss

The effects of bereavement All of us face an enormous challenge when someone close to us dies or is very ill. At such times it can feel very hard to know how best to help children and young people affected by the loss. full leaflet

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Candle: Someone close has died

How to help a bereaved young person – a guide for adults Every year many young people experience the death of someone they are close to. Some of these deaths will be sudden and some will be after a long illness, but all losses can be difficult for teenagers. This leaflet is designed to help you understand some of the aspects of a death that are hard for young people and to give some ideas about how you can offer support. full leaflet

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Candle: Someone has died suddenly

Helping your child Everyone is very shocked when someone dies suddenly. There has been no time to prepare and often no warning that the person was going to die. Shock affects adults and children physically and emotionally, and some of the effects you may notice are feeling dizzy or sick, shaky, shivery, hot and cold. After a shock we often feel very unsafe for a while, and need to take things quietly. This leaflet mentions some of the things you and your child may be feeling. full leaflet

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