User forum – an invitation to tell us what you think about our services

1 What is a User Forum?

It is a meeting of patients and carers with some St Christopher’s staff. We meet twice a year to discuss the services St Christopher’s provides, and look at ways they could be improved. The meetings are led by staff who are not responsible for day-to-day care, to help you feel comfortable about speaking openly and honestly about the services you receive from the hospice.

Your care will not be affected by taking part. We need your honest views, comments and constructive criticism about St Christopher’s and the services we offer.

2 Where does it take place?

At St Christopher’s in the Education Centre.

3 How can I get there?

You can make your own way or if you have problems with transport we may be able to help.

4 Can my relative or carer come too?

Yes, we welcome comments from relatives and friends.

5 How long does it last?

It usually starts at 11.30am and finishes about 3pm. We have lunch together at about 12.45pm and tea at the end.

6 Is there a nurse in case I need help?

Yes. A nurse is with us for each meeting.

7 How does it work?

The meetings are informal. Attendance varies but there are usually between thirty and forty people. However, the discussions take place in smaller groups. We will invite you to comment on the support and services St Christopher’s is offering you.

8 What happens after a User Forum?

We take your comments to a meeting of all the heads of departments and decisions are made there about any changes that need to be made. Your comments are presented anonymously – we don’t put your name to any comments. After that meeting we write to you and let you know what has been decided.

If you would like to take part – or if you are not able to come to one of the User Forums but would like to make comments or suggestions about St Christopher’s services – please fill in the form overleaf and send it to:

Quality Assurance Office
St Christophers Hospice
51-59 Lawrie Park Road
SE26 6DZ