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Please support our Learning Hub Campaign

Teaching others to care since 1967

We are delighted to announce that we have almost reached our £6.5 million target for our new Learning Hub and construction is due to begin in September.

Now, we need your help to furnish and equip the Skills Lab and support training within the Hub that will benefit local patients and carers.

In our new Skills Lab, we will empower family members, carers and communities to care for a person who is dying at home, by teaching practical care skills such as how to wash, turn or feed someone safely, how to use equipment such as hoists, and how to recognise and manage common symptoms. Improved technology will mean carers can access teaching materials at home.

We want to offer this training for free, to ensure those most in need can benefit from our expertise. This new approach will dramatically improve care for patients at home, and ensure carers feel more supported.

We are asking our local community to help us raise £200,000 by the end of 2019, when the building is due to be completed. Please give what you can to support this vital campaign, which will help us to transform end of life care – locally, nationally and internationally – through education and training.

What your money could do

  • £50 could pay for a 3 hour skills workshop for a carer or family member empowering them to care for a loved one at home
  • £100 could pay for a training workshop for a local GP equipping them with the skills needed to best support patients living with a terminal illness
  • £500 could pay for a local student to attend our week long Summer School programme where they will receive practical training from highly-qualified specialists and learn more about a career in care.
  • £2,000 could pay for a specialist bed for our Skills Lab enabling us to teach carers, family members and professionals practical care skills to support someone at home.

Donate to the Learning Hub campaign

Monies raised through the public campaign will support the equipping and furnishing costs of the Learning Hub. Any residue will be redirected to general unrestricted income, to be used where it is most needed.

Our vision for education at St Christopher’s

St Christopher’s has 50 years’ experience of supporting people at some of the most difficult and frightening times in their lives, but we don’t have the resources to reach everyone who needs us. We need an innovative solution to make end of life care available to all.

Education is key to this endeavour. We need to transform end of life care from a purely clinical model, to an experience supported by a person’s community. To do this, we must pioneer new ways of teaching and reach more people, but our education building no longer has the space, resources or technology to support our internationally respected education programme.

That’s why we are building a new Learning Hub, so we can offer education and training to everyone involved in care for the dying and bereaved. This will include more health and social care professionals than ever before (including hospice, hospital, nursing and care home staff) and new groups such as family members, friends and carers, so that they too can play a part in caring for their loved ones.

By equipping more people with the skills to support someone at the end of life, we can address the challenges facing end of life care – including an ageing population living longer with more complex conditions, limited public resources and significant staff shortages in health and social care.

Ultimately, the Learning Hub will mean better care is available to everyone at the end of life and more people can die well in the place of their choosing.

Thank you

St Christopher’s would like to thank everyone who has supported the Campaign so far, enabling us to reach our target for the construction of the Learning Hub. We look forward to keeping you all up to date as the building works progress.

Special thanks to…

Businesses supporting the Learning Hub

“CHP are proud to sponsor the St Christopher’s festive appeal. The work that our local hospice has achieved over the last 50 years has been incredible. It is an honour to be able to support their new Learning Hub so they can train even more families and carers about end of life care techniques. We hope that your wonderful work continues to support local people at home for years to come.”

The Castle Hayes Pursey LLP Partners and Team

“St Christopher’s is local to us and we are proud to contribute towards the world class Learning Hub, which will provide invaluable education opportunities and share St Christopher’s expert knowledge in our community. Supporting this project features very highly in our Community Promise activities of which we are very proud.”

Chief Executive Alex Pedder

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