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Wonderful St Christopher’s Hospice!
You make everything better in the end.

Joanna Lumley

Supporting people through art

Art has always played a big part in how we run things at St Christopher’s.

Mystery Masterpieces brings together the local community, supporters, patrons, celebrities and artists to showcase how art can have a whole lot of meaning and should be accessible to all.

Find out how art plays a big part in our care

All proceeds from the auction will be helping fund our vital hospice care, including our nurses, support staff and our world-class education programme.

Without donations we just wouldn’t be able to make our mark and help those that need us most.

Thank you to all who are supporting St Christopher’s Mystery Masterpieces

Jayne Torvill

Meet our artists

Adam Kay & Henry Paker
Aisha Chowdhury
Alan Tye
Alba Homans-Yau
Alex Gamsu Jenkins
Alex Hayward
Amberlee Green
Ann Warren
Anna Roche
Anna Stamper
Anne Lynch
Audrey Hammond
Barbara West
Barnaby Barford
Ben Caro
Ben Oakley
Beverley Joiner
Beverly Chamberlain
Brenda Walsh
Cariad Lloyd
Carole Clarkson
Caroline Bowder-Ridger
Caroline Wright
Carys Davies
Cathy Bolton
Chafic El Najjar
Chris Harder
Christina Double
Christine Barratt
Christine Rhodes
Claire Russell
Dane Baptiste
David Bray
Dawn Haslam
Debbie Scott
Dick Graham
Doreen Borer
Dorothy Ayling
Edmund De Waal
Elena Howard
Elizabeth Hardman
Ellie Reeves MP
Florence Bazeley
Frances Aviva Blane
Frances Greville
Gabriela Szulman
Gary Anderson
Gerry Wilmer
Gillian Brent
Grace Holliday
Heather Taylor
Helen Cristofoli
Helen Hayes MP

Helena Anderson
Humphrey Ocean
Ian Shillaker
Imogen Richards
Issie Oldfield
Jack Joiner
Jake Tilson
James Stevenson
Jane Beedle
Jane Preece
Janet Barfield
Janet Thomas
Jasmeet Dial
Jasmine Fahy
Jayne Torvill
Jed Crockett
Jess Blandford
Jillian Smith
Jo Giuliani
Joanna Herald
Joanna Lumley
Joanna McCormick
Joe Lycett
John Bateson
John Pedder
Joshua (Art on Parade)
Juanita Grout
Jude Jelfs
Kat Cutler-MacKenzie  
Kayleigh Nantais
Keith Slote
Kevin Line
Kevin Walsh
Laurence Cutts
Lesley Hopkins
Lily Russell-Ross
Lionel Stanhope
Lucia (Art on Parade)
Lucy Atlee
Lucy Duke
Lucy Gogoliuk
Lucy Hutchinson
Lucy Porter
Lulu Ditzel
Lydia Wood
Maria Rado
Marie Lenclos
Marina Nasso Beard
Mark Hartshorn
Mark Melvin
Mark Pearson
Martha Davis
Martha Rickard

Martin Grover
Mavis Barber
Melinda Irwin
Michael Morpurgo
Michael Walsh
Mylène Chahine
Naomi Opiah
Nathan Bryon
Neringa Puodziute
Neville Bottomley
Nick Cobb
Nicky Russo
Pat Cliff
Paul Cleden
Penny Boast
Poppy (Art on Parade)
Rebecca Boyd Allen
Remi Russo
Richard Spare
Ruth Martin
Sabina Bush
Sarah Cochrane
Seema Mattu
Sharon Lea
Simon Clark
Sir Michael Morpurgo
Sokari Douglas Camp
Sophia (Art on Parade)
Sophia Hewett
Sophia Reid
Sophie Florence Hartshorn
Stephanie Boswell
Stephen Cooper
Steve Dell
Sue Luxton
Taggy Kelham
Tania Hurt Newton
Thomas Frake
Tom Allen
Tom Hawkes
Tracy Frick
Valerie Butcher
Valerie Wiffin
Veronica (Art on Parade)
Vi Shepherd
Vic Lee
Vicky O’Leary
Victoria Elizabeth Boateng
Victoria Taurae
Vincent Ewen
William Russell
Yvonne Coomber
Yvonne Wayling
Zuleika Connolly-Jones

St Christopher’s do magical work and were a great support to a friend of mine

Joe Lycett

Find out more

Once the auction is live, simply head over to our eBay auction website where you will see hundreds of postcard-sized pieces of art up for grabs.

You can browse through them and bid on the ones you like the most! All bids will start at £4.99, so you can place a bid to any value of your choice over that amount. The highest bidder on each postcard will be the proud owner of their very own mini-masterpiece!

You will be notified by eBay that you’re the proud owner of a mini-masterpiece!

Once your donation has been sent to us from eBay, they will securely send us your name and address. Your new piece of art will be posted out to you and we will let you know which artist created the postcard. 

You’ll also have the knowledge that your winning bid is a direct donation to the work of St Christopher’s, helping us to provide care and support to dying people and those close to them.

For newcomers to eBay, please read this article for information on how to set up an account and most importantly start bidding!

For more information about Mystery Masterpieces
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I am delighted to take part. St Christopher’s looked after a great friend of mine. Thank you.

Richard Spare

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