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Volunteering opportunities

Never volunteered? Change that right now.

Never volunteered? Change that right now.

Bromley resident Fiona talks about the range of volunteer opportunities at St Christopher's

2 January 2019

Last year my husband retired. He was sixty years old and had been working since he was fourteen – that’s forty six years at the grindstone in a challenging, but engaging career. So, it was no surprise to me when, barely three weeks into retirement, he exclaimed that he was bored.

“So volunteer!” I said, “you’ve got so much experience and so many skills that an organisation could use!” And I wasn’t even just trying to get him out of the house. It’s true. St Christopher’s is our local hospice and there’s a whole range of volunteer opportunities that desperately need filling.

They have shops in various locations across south London and the support of sales savvy individuals, or those with an eye forstyling interiors would be truly appreciated.

Last year the hospice held over 30 events where volunteers worked as stewards, administrators and first aiders, but they always need more.

Delivering complementary therapies such as massage and relaxation is crucial in meeting the holistic needs of the people who come to St Christopher’s. They offer great training with roles suitable for untrained and professional therapists looking to enhance their skill sets.

Volunteering is a clever way of improving your CV. Young people hoping to begin careers in physiotherapy and nursing might consider working in the Living Well at Home Complementary therapy training One of our shop window displays Stewards at the Twilight Walk Maria found support at the hospice, and in turn, decided to support others in her community. “It’s really great when you see people making even small steps towards their own goals and keeping their own independence,” says Maria Muriel- Sanchez, a volunteer at St Christopher’s. Maria has lived in Croydon for 20 years and has a busy life balancing her work as volunteer team, where they receive free training and experience helping people undertake rehabilitation.

So, now my husband has started volunteering in the fundraising department. Sometimes a bit of boredom is good; the desire for something new can help us to discover a way of changing other people’s lives. Fiona, Bromley resident.

2 January 2019


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