National Hospice Education Collaborative (NHEC)

Supporting UK hospices to achieve their full potential as local education and training delivery partners

Sally GarbettWelcome to the National Hospice Education Collaborative and to the continuation of our work together to further the delivery of vocational education and career pathways.

The NHEC began as a Hospice UK pilot in 2014 and identified an appetite for collaborative working by hospices from across the UK. St Christopher’s has secured funding to support national innovation to continue this work and the timing could not be better, with Government reforms to Nurse training which include Apprenticeships and vocational pathways from HCA to Registered Nurse and the introduction of the Nursing Associate role.

From March 2017 Government funding changes mean larger hospices will be subject to a levy (tax) to fund Apprenticeships whether they participate in them or not. It is a good time to take a fresh look at vocational education as part of workforce development and we have shown that economies of scale and sharing of expertise across the hospice network benefits all involved.

This is just the start. We aim to work on other educational initiatives/projects and are working closely with Hospice UK, NAPCE and other key organisations.

Our sector faces great challenges but also many opportunities. By working collaboratively through the NHEC, hospices have a collective voice and will be empowered to play an active role in future education and development of the workforce to deliver improved care.

Sally Garbett

Vocational Programmes Manager at St Christopher’s

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About the NHEC

Why does the NHEC exist?

The National Hospice Education Collaborative (NHEC) aims to see UK hospices realise their full potential as local education and training delivery partners within their communities, to support the practice of high quality palliative and supportive care.

Initially the focus of the NHEC will be on building quality and capacity of vocational education delivery related to development of the health and social care workforce.

It is anticipated that economies of scale and sharing of expertise across the national hospice network will benefit all involved.

However, this does not preclude, in time, work on other educational initiatives/projects.

NHEC objectives

  • To ensure that best practice in the delivery of education is shared effectively across the hospice sector
  • To ensure the hospice sector contributes to national development and review of health and social care education with a focus on providing care to people with long term conditions, the elderly and frail and/or those approaching the end of life.
  • To work with awarding organisations to ensure development of products and delivery is of a consistently high quality.
  • To secure the support and engagement of member hospices to act as regional leads for other hospices in their locality.
  • To support the development of regional clusters of hospices.
  • To enable hospices to submit collaborative bids and work cohesively on future initiatives related to vocational education and workforce development.
  • To share materials and resources whilst protecting intellectual property rights of individual hospices
  • To consider ways of securing funding to enable and extend the scope of the collaboration beyond the initial funded period.
  • To collate evidence that demonstrates the impact of education and training on the quality of care and to use this to lobby government to influence future funding priorities.
  • To act as an expert reference group.
  • To provide opportunities for members to exchange information about political and financial drivers which may impact on delivery of hospice education.

NHEC regions and leads

Region Regional lead contact/person to ask for nominees
  1. North London: Nick Nixon, St Joseph’s Hospice
  2. South London: Jane Berg, Princess Alice Hospice
Midlands and East
  1. West Mids: Theresa Barker, St Giles Hospice
  2. East Mids: Mandy Motley, LOROS
  3. East Anglia: Bridget Moss, St Helena Hospice
  1. North West: Jo Blake, St Mary’s Hospice
  2. North East: Leigh Marrs, St Oswald’s Hospice
  3. Yorks & Humber: Trish Stockton, St Gemma’s Hospice
  1. South East: Paul Middleton, The Martlets Hospice
  2. South Central: Jill Short, The Rowans Hospice
  3. South West: Helen D-Brett, Dorothy House Hospice

NHEC membership information

Membership will be open to any UK hospice interested in participating in the Collaborative and in achieving the agreed objectives.

Member organisations will enter a Service Level Agreement (SLA) as while there are benefits to being a member, there will also be responsibilities.

The Collaborative will work with the National Association of Palliative Care Educators (NAPCE), Hospice UK and any other organisation with similar or complementary objectives to ensure their achievement.

Membership will be free for the first 2 years due to secured funding. During this period the Collaborative will be established.