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Let’s build the next generation of expert nursing in palliative and end of life care

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Palliative Discovery is designed to provide Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) with the knowledge, skills, resources and support to enhance and flourish in their careers and continue to provide the very best palliative care.

Our aim is to help you navigate and explore your work. To give nurses working in advanced level roles in palliative and end of life care (i.e. clinical nurse specialists and advanced clinical practitioners hereafter referred to as CNSs), a thriving community where they can grow their expertise, develop their leadership skills, build resilience, and inspire the next generation of nurses to give quality person-centred care.

We offer a multi-functional, virtual space with access to learning, relevant updates and further support.

We bring CNSs from anywhere in the UK together in roundtables, classes and workshops to discuss areas of special interest, all with the aim of inspiring skilled, thoughtful, collaborative palliative work at your pace.

Join us for access to the full programme by visiting the Palliative Discovery website and registering. 

And the best bit? It’s completely free for 2022!

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This national project has been generously supported by the Burdett Fund for Nursing who recognise palliative care CNSs as a crucial workforce.

A special thanks to the following organisations and sponsors for making Palliative Discovery possible.

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