Guides, booklets and leaflets

Guides, booklets and leaflets


Supporting You After a Death

Supporting you after a death

We hope the contents of this booklet will be helpful to you and your family and friends at a sad and difficult time. It contains practical information about what to do after a death and details about the support St Christopher’s can offer to you. We hope the contents of this booklet will be helpful […]
Managing Your Breathlessness Windmill

Managing your breathlessness booklet

Living with breathlessness can be very distressing. Breathlessness itself can lead to inefficient breathing patterns, reduced activity and fitness, as well as anxiety and panic. Each of these effects can increase breathlessness, creating negative spirals of increasing breathlessness and distress. This booklet will provide you with practical advice and techniques to help you manage your […]
Welcome to St Christopher's

Welcome to St Christopher’s

To welcome you to St Christopher’s we’ve created this booklet which we hope serves as a useful introduction to the services we can offer you and your loved ones. We also hope it will give you confidence and reassurance about what to expect while you are being supported by St Christopher’s. To welcome you to […]
Planning Ahead

Planning ahead

Serious illness and ageing bring challenges many of us prefer to avoid thinking about. At the same time many of us fear loss of control about decisions relating to our futures. We have created a booklet to support you in planning ahead and thinking about your future. We hope the contents of this booklet will […]

Understanding your medicines booklet

We hope the contents of this booklet will be helpful to you and your family and friends. This booklet aims to answer questions and provide information on medicines. Your clinical team will be happy to offer advice and support on management of pain and other symptoms. This may involve advice or input from other members […]

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Advance Care Plan Leaflet

Advance Care Planning

This booklet will guide you through a series of questions and ideas for you to think about. The booklet is yours and you can show it to whoever you decide needs to see it. Just ask your nurse if you would like one or download and print it off below. If you have any other […]
Bereavement Help and Support Leaflet

Bereavement: help and support during your grief

When someone who is important to us dies it can feel unbearable, as though our whole world has changed. As unique individuals, our response to loss is also likely to be unique, and can be affected by the relationship we had with the person who died. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.
Children and Funerals Leaflet

Candle: Children and Funerals

Parents and carers want to do the best for their children, and it is very hard to know what is best for them when a death has happened. You are trying to come to terms with what has happened, cope with painful and difficult feelings, and there are so many decisions and choices to be […]
Children Young People and Loss Leaflet

Candle: Children, Young People and Loss

St Christopher’s has been providing bereavement counselling to patients’ families for over 50 years. St Christopher’s Candle Child Bereavement Service extends this support to all children, young people and their families in the south east London area, covering the boroughs of Croydon, Bromley, Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth. Any parent, carer, teacher or healthcare professional can […]
Coping with Feelings of Depression Leaflet

Coping with feelings of depression

There is no right or wrong way to feel when you or someone close to you has a terminal illness. You may experience a range of emotions, at different times. You may feel shock, fear, anger and resentment. Or you may feel helpless, sad, frustrated or perhaps experience relief and acceptance. You may also feel […]
Living Well at Home Leaflet

Living Well at Home

The Living Well at Home Team consists of therapists and volunteers working towards your goals with you in your own home. They can support you to try to improve your mobility, cope with breathlessness or fatigue, avoid falls, or enable you to better manage your activities of daily living.
Pressure Ulcers leaflet

Prevention and management of pressure ulcers

A pressure ulcer is damage that occurs on the surface and underlying tissues of the skin due to the lack of blood and oxygen supply. You may have known them as pressure sores or bedsores, but they are now called pressure ulcers.
Wondering Who to Call Leaflet

Wondering who to call?

This leaflet offers advice about which services are best to contact in different situations.
Your Information and How We Use It Leaflet

Your information: how we use and keep it

We collect a lot of personal information from and about you, your family and from other services. We need this information so that we can provide you with highest quality care and treatment.
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