Rev Dr Andrew Goodhead

Andrew Goodhead joined St Christopher’s as Chaplain in January 2005, completing his doctoral research in 2007. He is a Methodist Minister with 14 years Church based experience gained in several localities throughout the UK, both urban and rural. In his role at St Christopher’s Andrew is concerned to ensure that all End of Life Care professionals have the skills and confidence to offer spiritual assessment and ongoing support to all patients and their families.  He has a particular interest in the concept of spiritual pain as a way of understanding spiritual need. For patients with faith needs Andrew is developing the pastoral and religious role of the Spiritual Care Lead.

Andrew has recently published his thesis with Wipf & Stock (USA) under the title A Crown and a Cross; the Origins, Development and Decline of the Methodist Class Meeting in Eighteenth Century England. In November 2010, Mortality published the results of Andrew’s research into memorialisation: A textual analysis of memorials written by bereaved individuals and families in a hospice context. In July 2011, The European Journal of Palliative Care published Physiotherapy in Palliative care: the interface between function and meaning, this is a philosophical examination of how physical ability affects the way in which meaning can be made. He has published in Palliative Medicine (January 2016) ‘I think you just learned as you went along’ – community clergy’s experiences of and attitudes towards caring for dying people: A pilot study’ and in Mortality (January 2019) Hospices as Facilitators of Memorialisation.

Andrew Goodhead
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