Fiona Walkingshaw

Fiona is Head of Adult and Child Bereavement Services at St Christopher’s Hospice. It is a newly created post which aims to ensure the continuous development and sustainability of St. Christopher’s bereavement services to grieving individuals of whatever age.

She currently leads around 150 people who offer bereavement support through grief work in individual as well as group settings and through the psycho-education of a wide-ranging community of interest in audience specific ways.

Fiona brings to this role the management and leadership experience acquired as a lawyer in the Senior Civil Service as well as the knowledge and practice accrued as a Transpersonal Counsellor and a Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor.

Over the course of her own learning journey, Fiona has become more and more interested in the themes of loss, dying and death coming to passionately believe that bereavement really is everyone’s business.

Fiona Walkingshaw
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