Jodie Grace

Since 2001 Jodie has been a paramedic for the London Ambulance Service, firstly working on an ambulance in East London before transferring to the Southeast in 2015. Jodie now works as a solo responder on the first response units, attending the highest category of calls, to care for patients deemed to be the most time critical.  In addition, she became an end-of-life care coordinator which presented her with the opportunity to join the LAS Macmillan end-of-life care team, on secondment.

Jodie thrives on the experiences, challenges and variety that come with working both on the front line in a patient facing capacity and behind the scenes as part of the end-of-life care team.  With a true passion and commitment to providing high quality, compassionate palliative, and end of life care and improving standards for those in the final stages of life. 

Young white woman in paramedic uniform
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