Lailatul Ferdous

Nursing Officer at the Department of Palliative Medicine, BSMMU, Dhaka.

Lailatul is an Executive Board member of the Palliative Care Society in Bangladesh (PCSB) and Editorial Board member of Palliative care journal, Bangladesh. (Bengali journal).

She has a Basic certificate course in Palliative Nursing (2012) and is the Course Co-ordinator of Palliative Care Assistants (PCA) Course.

Lailatul attended the Fellowship in Palliative Care (2021, India) and was part of the team which developed community based palliative care at korail slum.

She is involved in palliative care nurse leadership program in Bangladesh.

She has also held faculty in ECHO training program in Humanitarian palliative care settings, Rohingya camp and in Fellowship in Palliative care and foundation course in Palliative care IPM, Kerala. 

Lailatul Ferdous
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