Lilly Meikle

My name is Lilly Meikle and I am an Abstract Artist and Art Psychotherapist. For me, creating abstract pieces involves time, many layers of paint and essentially a mindset of embracing and surrendering to not always knowing what the final outcome will be. Some markings of paint can be enveloped by other layers of colour, this builds texture and contributes to making a unique background. However, other paint remains on the surface for everyone to see.

This process parallels to my Art Psychotherapy practice as I work at a Children’s Bereavement Service at St Christopher’s Hospice. Similar to the creative process; grief entails emotions which can be lodged within us and challenging to acknowledge. Alike to the paint which remains on the surface, there are also emotions which we feel safe enough to share and explore with others. The act of creating allows me to tap into my own emotional response to clients and gives me the energy to continue my clinical work, whilst deepening my understanding of bereavement.

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