Celebrating End of Life and Palliative Nursing

Inspired by the opportunity to celebrate the Year of the Nurse and Midwife back in 2020, we developed the concept of ‘pioneering nurses’ to celebrate and champion those who are driving palliative care forward and shaping end of life care at a local, national and international level.

Key identifiers of pioneering nurses

The key identifiers of pioneering nurses are drawn from the attributes shared by Florence Nightingale and Dame Cicely Saunders, two pioneers in their own right who remain relevant in contemporary nursing today, and relate to compassion, connection, creative thinking and campaigning for change. Pioneering nurses are visionary leaders who act as ambassadors for their profession, and whose stories are inspiring and instructive.

Our communities

In 2019 and 2020, we formed close connections with many nurses from around the world who are pioneering in their efforts. We continue to work with them and their colleagues to support their efforts, collaborate with them and learn from them. We have also connected a wider virtual community of nursing professionals through a series of vlogs and webinars, whose support and knowledge has been and will continue to be instrumental to us in helping to develop the Lantern Model of Nursing.

How to get involved

Our pioneering nurses

Read more about the 30 pioneering nurses already identified as champions in their profession.

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Pioneering nurses

Pioneering Nurses conference

This conference was jointly delivered by St Christopher’s CARE and ICPCN on the 2nd December 2021.The ICPCN is the global umbrella organisation for children’s palliative care, with a mission to achieve the best quality of life and care for children and young people with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, their families and carers worldwide.

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Lantern model

Lantern Model

The Lantern Model articulates the unique, vital and skilled role of nurses caring for people who are dying or bereaved and, by highlighting their huge contribution, makes the case for increased investment in their recruitment, development and retention.

We are delighted to be launching a brand new one-year membership programme, starting in April.

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Our aims


Identify and showcase present-day pioneers in palliative nursing who can encourage and inspire other nurses

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Explore a contemporary model of palliative nursing and bring together nurses who are passionate about nursing at the end of life

The Lantern Model is the first new model of palliative and end of life care nursing for 20 years

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Start thought-provoking conversations and debate about the unique contribution of nursing at the end of life

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