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Planning end of life care

Dying well takes planning

Creating Conversations in Croydon

Talking about death and dying can be difficult, with many families not knowing how to start these difficult conversations.

The Creating Conversations in Croydon project seeks to work with community groups with the aim of helping everyone have a good death by recording their End Of Life Wishes.

The project has specially trained volunteers who seek to encourage local people to feel more comfortable about talking openly about death and dying.

After all we only get one chance to have our dying wishes met, which is why this project is so vital.

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Things you may want to think about

There are many practical steps you can take to get your affairs in order.

This can include things like:

  • making a will
  • arranging for someone else to manage your affairs
  • preparing for a funeral
  • cornea and tissue donation

Our information can help you and your family and friends to talk about your wishes and what practical steps you can take to get your affairs in order.

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Advance care planning

How to consider your choices and preferences for the future

NHS continuing care

NHS continuing care is the name given to a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS

Coordinate My Care

As a patient you may well have views about your care: what you would like to happen, where you want to receive care, and even things you would like to avoid.

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