Coordinate My Care

As a patient you may well have views about your care: what you would like to happen, where you want to receive care, and even things you would like to avoid.

What is Coordinate My Care?

As a patient you may well have views about your care: what you would like to happen, where you want to receive care, and even things you would like to avoid.

Coordinate My Care is a free service, which supports you to record this information. A doctor or a nurse will talk to you about your illness and wishes and create a care plan that is available to help you. All these details will be entered onto Coordinate My Care, which is an electronic record.

It can be accessed by your GP, community nurses, hospital team, out-of-hours doctors, specialist nurses, London Ambulance Service and NHS 111 (NHS 111 is the unscheduled emergency telephone number that operates day and night).

If you need help, the doctors and nurses caring for you either in the community or in the hospital will be able to access the information about you and know what care they should deliver to you.

Do you need my permission to include my details on Coordinate My Care?

Your Coordinate My Care plan is set up only with your consent and is flexible so you can alter your wishes at any point should they change.

What are the possible benefits of Coordinate My Care?

Coordinate My Care will give you an opportunity to have your decisions and expressed wishes about your care recorded. This information will be available to all professionals who are looking after you. The fact that everyone can see your care plan and wishes will help to ensure that any care you receive is in line with what you’ve decided. You have complete choice whether or not to participate.

How can I access the information about me on Coordinate My Care?

When your entry is created you will be offered a paper copy. It is up to you whether you take a copy or not. You can request this at any time. You just need to ask the nurse or doctor who discusses the Coordinate My Care record with you to print you off a copy.

What are the possible disadvantages of taking part?

Some of the questions the care professional may need to ask you could be sensitive. The nurse/doctor will make every effort to discuss your care and wishes in a sensitive manner, however if you find any of the questions upsetting, you do not need to answer.

What happens if I agree to have my details put on Coordinate My Care?

Coordinate My Care works like this:

  • one of your care professionals (such as your GP, doctor, specialist nurse or community nurse) will:
  • have a discussion with you about your condition, and whether you have any particular views on your future care
  • ask you if you wish to have your details placed on Coordinate My Care
  • if you say yes, they will input your details, including your age, address, next of kin, diagnosis, medications and your specific wishes onto Coordinate My Care.
  • create a personalised care plan to let other doctors and nurses know about your condition and the treatment plans in place to care for you.

The Coordinate My Care system will:

  • send an alert to London Ambulance Service, NHS 111 and the out-of-hours GP service in your area telling them that information about you is available if needed
  • give care professionals access to your record (but only where they have a legitimate professional relationship with you)
  • offer you a paper copy of your Coordinate My Care record to check and keep.

Is Coordinate My Care confidential?

Yes, your record is confidential. Only professionals involved in your care and issued with a secure user name and password will be able to see your details on Coordinate My Care.

Your record will be accessed when you need help or advice.

In addition, it is a good idea to let your carers and next of kin know that you have a Coordinate My Care record so that everyone knows your wishes about your care. That way everyone can work together to help you.

From time to time, information held on Coordinate My Care may be used to look at trends in services in different areas. However, your name will not be disclosed. You will not be identified in any report or publication that is produced about Coordinate My Care.

If there are any specific queries relating to your record we may need to include your details in the report. To ensure that the information on Coordinate My Care is of high quality, care and data managers employed by Coordinate My Care will be able to view your record for monitoring purposes only. They will have secure user names and passwords.

What happens if I do not wish to take part in Coordinate My Care?

You will never be included without being asked first. You can change your mind at any time. All you have to do is let one of your care professionals know.

Should you decide to leave Coordinate My Care, your record will be closed down, so that professionals can no longer access your record.

Whatever you decide, everyone will still give you the best care possible with the information they have.

What should I do if I want to update my record, for example, if I move or if my wishes change?

Your healthcare team will regularly discuss your health issues with you. If your wishes change at any time they will update your Coordinate My Care record. Please inform your GP or District Nurse if you change GP or move to a new address. Please contact the Coordinate My Care team on 020 7811 8513 or email if you have any questions about how Coordinate My Care works.

If you need medical or nursing care advice please contact your GP/district nurse/clinician.

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