Quality End of Life Care for All (QELCA©)

An innovative learning programme created, developed and endorsed by St Christopher’s Hospice, UK

The programme is now led and owned by Liz Bryan, Senior Associate of CARE an independent education consultant (formally Director of Education and Training at St Christopher’s).

Utilising transformational learning theory, QELCA is a leadership and change-management programme designed to enable and empower teams of health and social care practitioners from any care setting to ensure an improved experience for people and families at the end of life.

There is evidence that QELCA motivates participants to introduce care for ‘self’ and their teams back into their organisations and to lead on change in organisational culture. It integrates a work-based learning experience with facilitated classroom reflection and is delivered by specialist palliative care practitioners who have undertaken the QELCA Train the Trainer programme.

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The QELCA© Programme

The QELCA Programme was initially piloted and formally evaluated in the UK in partnership with the King’s Fund. It was then rolled out nationally in 2010 in collaboration with Hospice UK and NHS Improving Quality. It has subsequently been delivered by QELCA Trainers in many parts of the world including, China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina and Australia.

From 1st April 2024, QELCA becomes the intellectual property of Liz Bryan. Anyone claiming to deliver the programme must be registered with her as a QELCA Trainer. The register comprises trainers who have successfully completed the QELCA Train the Trainer programme designed, developed and endorsed by St Christopher’s CARE.

If you are an organisation wishing to improve care delivered to people in the last phase of life and are interested in exploring whether a QELCA Programme would support the changes needed, please see QELCA or contact Liz Bryan directly by email liz@qelca.co.uk who will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you.

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