Art and Music Therapy

What is Art and Music Therapy?

Art and Music Therapy combines traditional talking therapy with expressing yourself creatively, and can be hugely helpful for patients, families and carers; helping you to explore and process your feelings. No art skills, musical abilities or prior experience are necessary as it’s the process that is important, not the end result.

How could Art or Music Therapy help me?

Some thoughts and feelings are difficult to put into words. Art and Music Therapy can help you express yourself in new ways rather than the emphasis being on words alone. All kinds of art materials or music can be used to fire up a creative process and allow you to express feelings, memories and experiences in new ways, as well as help with anxiety, depression or grief. It can be an invaluable opportunity to explore what matters most to you, on your own terms.

How would a session work?

Sessions might be individual or in a group; one of our therapists will talk with you to work out together which session and duration would best support you. Family sessions can include children as well as adults. During the pandemic sessions are being held online, as well as for patients staying on wards. In usual times they are also offered in our Anniversary Centre or arts pavilion at Sydenham or in the Caritas Centre in Orpington, and home visits can also be arranged.  

How can I find out more?

Ask one of your St Christopher’s team to refer you to the service. For more information call the therapists on 020 8768 4535 or email

All our psychotherapists are HCPC registered.

More information

For further information on St Christopher’s arts projects please contact the Arts Team

020 8768 4535

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