Practical and social support

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Community aid

We understand how difficult it can be if you’re experiencing death, dying and loss, particularly at the moment as we’re unable to see people as freely as we’d like. To help with this, we offer practical and social support in the community.

Perhaps you could do with someone to help with things like the shopping or picking up prescriptions, or maybe you’d like someone to have a chat to and check in with on a regular basis. We have volunteers who we can match you with to help with practical tasks like deliveries, and are also bringing together people who are facing similar situations to provide a listening and supportive ear for one another.

We believe being involved in a community initiative like this can be really good for your wellbeing, especially when you’re going through a tough time. Please do get in touch if you or someone you know could do with some support or would like to get involved in this scheme:

Learning and reflection sessions

We hold one or two sessions a week on Zoom for anyone involved in Community Action projects. If you would like to join these sessions, please email for more information.

We’re a sociable group and keen to learn more about supporting each other and sharing ideas about death, dying and loss. We don’t expect people to support someone without having the opportunity to learn and reflect on it and what it means to them. We think it’s good to learn by doing and have the opportunity to share experiences.

More information

For more information email our Community Aid team