23 May 2016

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Ollie’s story

"As soon as Mum was admitted, we all knew that she would be very well looked after; nothing was ever too much trouble for the staff"

We were really delighted to welcome St Christopher’s supporter Ollie, to Sydenham to thank him so much for his donation to support the work of the hospice.

Ollie works locally as a physiotherapist, and so he particularly wanted to see how our gym enables patients to live well. Helena Talbot-Rice, Senior Physiotherapist and AHP lead at St Christopher’s, was pleased to talk to Ollie about the improvements in strength and confidence that patients find in the gym, as well as courses such as Fit for Life and Breathlessness Management.

Ollie made his donation in memory of his mother, who died aged 57 last year under the care of our staff on Rugby Ward. Ollie’s Mum had been staying as an inpatient for two weeks, and was very keen to come to St Christopher’s in her last days, as Ollie explains.

“Mum had been having treatment for cancer for four years, but when it reached the point that caring for Mum at home was getting too difficult, it was an absolute weight off her shoulders to come to St Christopher’s. My grandfather was looked after here too, and the care Mum received was amazing and we couldn’t have done it at home. As soon as Mum was admitted, we all knew that she would be very well looked after; nothing was ever too much trouble for the staff.

“Mum was physically very active and kept an allotment so she got a real buzz the couple of times she used the gym at the hospice. We also borrowed a wheelchair and went out into the gardens, which was really lovely to be able to do. The staff were also really supportive after Mum had died.

“Last summer we held a wonderful remembrance celebration for friends and family in Whitstable on the coast, a place that Mum loved, and this donation is another way to remember Mum. I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to support St Christopher’s, who helped us in such difficult times.”

Tracy Blackmore, from St Christopher’s, says, “We have been so touched that the care that the care our staff gave prompted Ollie to make an in memory donation. We are here to serve and support the community and it’s always so heartening to hear that the care we give makes such a difference.

“Thank you Ollie, on behalf of all of us at St Christopher’s.”

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