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Welcome to Step 1: Assessment, Care planning and Review

Below you will find helpful information and a list of contents relating to your first step. We aim to keep these web pages updated and may add further pages from time to time

All the pages are pdf documents which means you can print or read them but cannot change them. If you would like to adapt any of the information for your own use please contact us to ensure you do not breach copyright. You can find our contact details in your folder.

Filing anything you download into your folder will help you create your own toolkit and become a useful resource for all staff in your home.

Contents for Step 1

Useful links for Step 1

End of Life Journal

This is a free online journal written by specialists especially for generalists. You will find useful information about all aspects of end of life care in this journal. You can register for free and browse at your leisure.

Department of Health publications

You will find many useful publications here relating to end of life care including the Mental Capacity Act 2005, End of Life Care Strategy 2008

DNaCPR guidelines

These guidelines will help GPs to make appropriate decisions for residents.