Collyer Bristow kick off their fundraising for St Christopher’s

Having voted to make St Christopher’s its Charity of the Year 2017/18, the staff at Collyer Bristow are already making great headway with their fundraising efforts.

Here is what Francesca Palmer, Marketing Executive at Collyer Bristow, had to say:

“Giving back and engaging with the community is very much part of our ethos at Collyer Bristow. When it came to voting for our Charity of the Year, we shortlisted a number of charities for staff to vote on and St Christopher’s won by an overwhelming majority. We have a personal connection with the hospice in that one of our secretaries sadly passed away at St Christopher’s last year. This means that the hospice really does have a special place in people’s hearts. Having started our partnership with St. Christopher’s in June to coincide with our financial year end, we are really excited to get going with our fundraising efforts.

“Having St Christopher’s as our Charity of the Year will be mutually beneficial as it will bring people from different teams together to engage in different activities. The competitive element of the corporate fundraising scheme is great and will particularly resonate with our lawyers who love a bit of competition! We are planning to get involved in this year’s Shop Wars and I’m currently in the process of putting together teams of lawyers to battle it out. We are holding a quiz and raffle this week and in our common room we have a collection tin where people can donate their foreign change when they come back from holiday. In October, we will be holding a Halloween themed cake sale and competition. We are also hoping to get involved in some kind of challenge event like Tough Mudder later on in the year.

“At Collyer Bristow we are really interested in how St Christopher’s uses art therapy. The firm’s reception area and meeting rooms house a gallery space and our curator has been in touch with the Arts Team at St Christopher’s to discuss doing something together, such as exhibiting some of the work produced by the arts group.

“My boss and I visited St Christopher’s a few weeks ago and it was not at all what I had expected. The hospice was such a lovely environment – it was very friendly and there was a nice vibe to the place. The hospice definitely won us over!”