Geoff Smith: “There will be so much of interest at the car show, with such diverse types of vehicles”

Geoff Smith is 72 and lives in Norbury. He helps out at many St Christopher’s events, performing rock ‘n’ roll music solo or within his band ‘Piston Broke’.  A classic car lover, his favourite event of them all is the Classic Car Show– taking place in Tripes Farm, Orpington, on September 18.

“I’m really looking forward to the car show! I know people that will be coming, who have a fantastic collections of cars. My friend John has three fantastic vintage Humbers from 1920, and six Austen Sevens, the earliest of which dates back to 1924.

I also know Nigel Webb who has a C-Type, built in 1952 and has a splendid track record in the hands of Duncan Hamilton (no relative!) and a D-Type Jaguar, which won the 24 hrs Le Mans in 1955 driven by Mike Hawthorn, the first British F1 World Champion back in 1958.; one of which will be brought to the car show by his chief mechanic. Nigel’s father knew Mike Hawthorn well and he has accumulated 25 historic Jaguars, and has created a permanent museum in memory of Mike. Nigel bought an old wreck and recreated a replica to the exact spec of Mike’s car; a 3.4 Mk1 Jaguar.  Mike’s number plate had been VDU 881 and the replica reads 881 VDU!

There will be so much of interest at the car show, with such diverse types of vehicles – another example that will be there is a customised 1970 Hillman Imp.

Nigel Hulme owns Superperformance and is the sole importer of the replica GT40s. The original won Le Mans four times in 1966/7/8/9.  Nigel’s son will be at the car show and will bring either a Ford GT or the 2016 Daytona Cobra.

It promises to be a great day and it’s for a wonderful cause! I’ve had two friends, Steve Burgess, aka Budge, 53, Sandra Alder 48, both die at St Christopher’s. When I came in to see Budge, he had his guitar but was unable to play it. I performed for him and patients and staff gathered round to hear.

I think the hospice is a wonderful place. It’s tranquil and the staff are fantastic. I really can’t speak highly enough of the place. I used to play squash over the road in Sydenham in the late 80s and we held an all-day charity event with lots of different sports and celebrities involved! Although I’d driven past the hospice a number of times, the fundraising day was the first time it had come to my attention. I’ve taken parts in lots of events for the St Christopher’s- back in 2015 I did the fun walk dressed in a tu-tu and a police helmet and did a song at every checkpoint!”

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