25 September 2018

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The Mandish Family’s story

"It's just what I needed; respite from it all and the chance to chat to other people"

Mandish family square

“Our son Sarayan died very suddenly when he was three years old. Then Simran, our youngest son and Sarayan’s twin brother, started having a meltdown. We were very concerned so I rang St Christopher’s and spoke to Jenny who told us about their bereavement service for children.

“We went to see Jenny and she reassured the children that everything was confidential and would take them for walks around the gardens. The hospice staff would offer me a cup of tea while I waited and when I tried to give them money they would say ‘no, you didn’t choose to be here’. Even little things like that made me cry, which I know sounds ridiculous, but it’s just what I needed; respite from it all and the chance to chat to other people.

“St Christopher’s is such a friendly place and we would stay after the sessions to have lunch and wander around the  gardens. It’s a very therapeutic place and even though I realise that for most people it’s the end of the road, for other people it is salvation.”

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