Off Road Moped Race for Mum

Frankie Carlton took on a challenge of his own – a 5 hour moped race - in memory of his mum

The Moped!I got involved with St Christopher’s back in November 2014 when my mum went in for palliative care after battling pancreatic cancer for almost a year.

Although it wasn’t even 24 hours of care, we as a family felt that it was dealt with very compassionately, calmly and most importantly my mum felt comfortable. At that time it was such a hard thing to go through however the nurses managed to keep a smile on our faces through a very very difficult time.

I always wanted to give something back to the hospice but didn’t know what or how?….then the moped race came up!! So me and four friends signed up straight away and got things underway.

It was a 5 hour moped endurance race. 60 teams could enter with a maximum of four riders and their chosen charity. I set up a just giving page and nominated St Christopher’s as my chosen charity with a £500 target.

As the race drew closer the donations started to come in, and on the race day they flooded in! Our poor little battered moped managed 92 laps which worked out to be 88 miles off road with no breakdowns and in came 6th place out 60! Then we checked out the just giving page and we had raised a total of £1044.37!!!!! I couldn’t believe it and we smashed the target of £500.

We felt like we had been dragged through a bush backwards when we had finished but it was totally worth it… And here’s to the next two races.