12 June 2019

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Sue Gilder’s story

Sue is a Spiritual Care Volunteer at St Christopher's

Sue has been providing invaluable support to patients, families and members of staff at St Christopher’s for over fourteen years.

“I’ve officially volunteered for St Christopher’s since 2005 when a patient suggested that someone was needed to support the spiritual needs of those at the hospice. I go to St Christopher’s three times a week and I’m available to chat to patients, relatives, friends and all members of staff. The nurses and social workers sometimes ask me to visit a patient with spiritual concerns at home. I also lead an informal group for bereaved carers known as Tea at Two.

“I first knew about the hospice before it had even been built as a member of my church was a corporate fundraiser and got us interested and excited about what St Christopher’s would become. I had the pleasure of getting to know Dame Cicely Saunders over the years when I visited and attended her various lectures and prayer groups.”

And what does Sue get up to when she’s not volunteering?

“I’ve been a member of my local church for over 60 years and am licensed by The Bishop of Rochester as a Lay Minister to conduct various services. I’m also involved in bereavement work and funerals at the church.

I am very privileged to be involved with St Christopher’s as a volunteer and to meet so many amazing patients and staff

“My hobbies include classical music (I enjoy Abba! too), reading, entertaining friends and I am an avid Archers listener! I should add that I’ve also been a member of the Chaplaincy Team at the Princess Royal University Hospital Bromley for over 28 years.

Sue Gilder Volunteer Award

“I am very privileged to be involved with St Christopher’s as a volunteer and to meet so many amazing patients and staff. St Christopher’s plays a very important part in my life and all volunteers are pieces of the great jigsaw that makes the hospice a family.”

The Annual Bromley Volunteer Awards Ceremony was held on 11 June. This was to celebrate volunteering and recognise the valuable input volunteers make to our local communities and we’re proud to announce that Sue won an award for ‘Supporting the Work of an Organisation’.

Her priority is always patient dignity and respect and she engages with all, regardless of their faith.

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