Our community

Our care is not only within the hospice; we have lots of support on offer in the community too. We know just how hard it is at the moment living with the restrictions the pandemic has thrown upon us, and so we’ve developed lots of new services for you to access from home. From quizzes and fitness classes to offering a listening ear, we’re here for you.

Support for the community

Community aid

Practical and social support

Find out more about our Community Aid initiative

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Wellbeing timetable

We run a whole array of activities throughout the week from art and music sessions to quizzes and creative writing classes


Compassionate Neighbours

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Death Chat

First Thursday of the month

Fit for Life

Follow our Fit for Life wellbeing programme to help look after your mind, body and spirit

Dedicate a light

Bereavement Help Points

Assisting people in our communities seeking support following bereavement

Community events

St Christopher’s Community Choir

Your voice matters – empowering, compassionate singing


What Will Survive of Us?

A new and exciting project in partnership with Entelechy Arts

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Telling Stories with the Museum of London

Open Wednesdays from April to June, and Saturdays in May - private viewings available

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Telling Stories: Join our Storytelling Circle

Come and take part in a storytelling session at St Christopher's CARE

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