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Welcome to St Christopher’s

To welcome you to St Christopher’s we’ve created a booklet which we hope serves as a useful introduction to the services we can offer you and your loved ones.

Planning ahead

Our Planning Ahead booklet has useful contents pages to allow you to dip in to the parts that are most helpful to you when you need them.

Managing breathlessness

Our Managing Breathlessness booklet will provide you with practical advice and techniques to help you manage your breathlessness.

Exercise and breathlessness videos


Living Well at Home Leaflet

Living Well at Home

The Living Well at Home Team consists of therapists and volunteers working towards your goals with you in your own home. They can support you to try to improve your mobility, cope with breathlessness or fatigue, avoid falls, or enable you to better manage your activities of daily living.
Bereavement Help and Support Leaflet

Bereavement: help and support during your grief

When someone who is important to us dies it can feel unbearable, as though our whole world has changed. As unique individuals, our response to loss is also likely to be unique, and can be affected by the relationship we had with the person who died. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Services for patients:

Compassionate Chats

Community support hub

Our Community Support Hub offers free-to-access groups and initiatives that support people to talk about their feelings, share experiences and gain support from our community

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapy and Wellbeing Services

We have a dedicated Wellbeing and Complementary Therapy Team at St Christopher’s that offer a range of services at both our Sydenham and Caritas site in Orpington.

Compassionate Neighbours


Compassionate Neighbours

Candles Remembering

Psychological and spiritual care

The Psychological and Spiritual Care team offer space for compassionate, contemplative care and reflection, through therapeutic, psychological, emotional, religious, pastoral and spiritual support.



Rehabilitation is offered by the Allied Health Professions Team (AHPs)

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