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If your wardrobe is full, your bank balance is empty and your conscience and carbon footprint are heavy, then why not treat yourself to a shopping detox. Donate your unwanted items to St Christopher’s and replace them with some beautiful pre-loved fashion. You’ll be saving money and doing your bit to save the planet.

When you think that the fashion industry produces 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions every year and that 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill every week, you can see why now is the time to act!

There’s always something new instore so why not shop with us and support #sustainablefashion.
Together, we can all be Champions for Change!

Don’t forget to share your looks on social media and help spread the word that
second hand isn’t second bes

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Did you know?

UK charity shops divert 339,000 tonnes of textiles from landfill or incineration each year.

Be a champion for Change

Here are some tips to help you be more fashion conscientious.

Great looks at fabulous prices

We asked our store managers to come up with some on-trend looks for the new autumn season and they didn’t disappoint.  Here are some of our favourites.

So much in store…

If you’re looking to overhaul your wardrobe this autumn, why not pay us a visit? You can get yourself a great new look, support a great cause and save the planet all at the same time.

We’d love to see your best charity shop fashions – why not share them on social media?

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Donate your items

No more room in the closet? Why not let us find a new home for your unwanted items. We always welcome donations.

Visit our shops

Thanks to our generous donors, there’s always something new in store. So it’s worth popping in regularly.

Visit our ebay shop

Our online shop has clothes, accessories, jewellery and much, much more.

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We're always happy to receive pre-loved clothes, accessories and bric-a-brac to help stock our stores.

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